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Thread: How to manually update Avira AntiVir

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    How to manually update Avira AntiVir

    Hello guys, I have been using Avira antivirus from a while now in my Windows Vista running system. Actually I am having this little query regarding the antivirus I am using, that is the Avira AntiVir. I wanted to know how I can update my antivirus. What are the different ways, by which I can manually update the antivirus so that my system is always kept protected from any old or new viruses. Please help me solve my little doubt. I am a newbie, so your suggestions can prove to be very helpful to me. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: How to manually update Avira AntiVir

    It is very easy to update your Avira Antivirus. I liked the fact that you realized that keeping your antivirus update increase the chances of your systemís protection against any kind of virus or malicious germ attack or any other kind of attacks like hacking. An updated antivirus will keep your important data files safe and secure in your system. It would be better for you to select the Automatic update option so that you donít have to start the Avira antivirus again and again and check for new updates. You can select the automatic update by going to the settings option in your Avira GUI.

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    Re: How to manually update Avira AntiVir

    You can manually update your Avira AntiVir antivirus by following few simple steps:
    • Double Click on Avira icon in your Desktop window to start Avira GUI
    • If you are unable to find one, then go to Start > All Programs > Avira and double click on the Avira icon.
    • Click on the Update Avira option and the process will start.
    • Make sure that your Internet connection is On and is in working condition.
    • Restart your system once done with updating process.

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    Re: How to manually update Avira AntiVir

    You can also update your Avira AntiVir Premium software by following below few steps:
    1. You can see Avira icon in your System tray
    2. System tray is on the bottom right side of your Desktop screen.
    3. Right click on the Avira icon
    4. select the Start update option from the right click options.
    5. Make sure the Internet is working.
    6. Let the process get completed.
    7. Reboot the system after the update.

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    Re: How to manually update Avira AntiVir

    Following are the procedures to update Avira manually:
    • Download the file, which is supposed to be the manual update file.
    • For the downloading click here and then click on Download VDF (multiple VDF) file for your prescribed OS
    • Save the file to location which can be easily accessed.
    • Once done with downloading, open the AntiVir Control Center by double clicking on the tray icon of Avira or the shortcut on the desktop.
    • Now, click on Update and then click on Manual Update
    • Browse to the location and select the downloaded file.
    • Finally click on Open and wait for rest of the process to get completed automatically.

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    Re: How to manually update Avira AntiVir

    Wow!! That was extremely great of you guys. Thanks for those replies. I tried everyone of them and each of them seems to be working. Actually i was looking for the manual update in precise, so i directly tried the last suggestion. I already knew the other methods of updating the antivirus but was looking for the manual ways to perform the update in my antivirus. Actually i don't have internet connection and was planning to first download the update from some other source and then transfer it to my system and then update Avira. So yes, thank you again.

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