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Thread: Need a description of the VRTSsfmh commands

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    Need a description of the VRTSsfmh commands

    I just establish a few commands in /opt/VRTSsfmh/bin are helpful. I.e. xinfo, xprtlc, ping. Occasionally I utilize them for get configuration information, but I am not certain I utilized them properly, I just deduction the meaning. Though occasionally I can obtain a few brief scripts by running 'command --help", the output is inadequate. Is there a resource which illustrates the fully functions and usages of these commands? Or anyone have any descriptive idea or information on this?

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    Re: Need a description of the VRTSsfmh commands

    At the instant for the VOM commands, there are pairs of man pages which are present: /opt/VRTS/man/man1m
    -r--r--r-- 1 root other 10279 May 23 21:32 xdistc.1m
    -r--r--r-- 1 root other 5275 May 23 21:32 vxlist.1m

    The man pages are not there for remaining of the commands which are present below /opt/VRTSsfmh/bin folder. Now coming to the query above, xinfo reads the domain information from the file /etc/default/sfm_resolv.conf and produces the domain part out. From the looks of it - the host is just coverage to vom2 and is no extensive reporting to vom1 domain. Can you twice check the sfm_resolv.conf file for the similar? As well in the mean time let me seem for additional documentation for the commands.

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    Re: Need a description of the VRTSsfmh commands

    So presently I can employ the majority of the commands by guessing. The xinfo command only read information from sfm_resolv.conf, when /opt/VRTSsfmh/bin/ping do the genuine test of connection to server. There is just vom2 in /etc/default/sfm_resolv.conf. I hesitation how sfm_resolv.conf file is utilized by the agent system because in both vom1 & vom2's consoles, I can notice the clients fairly the similar. I think the majority of the connections between clients and server are started by server, if the clients are in the serve's database, so there is no trouble. Some occasions clients necessitate contacting the server, there may have trouble if not all servers configured in sfm_resolv.conf.

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    Re: Need a description of the VRTSsfmh commands

    The most pertinent command is xinfo; this cli with alternative "--all" will present you full working of VOM product subsystem. This command while implemented on the managed host will present limited information as the majority of the o/p it gets is pertaining to the central server components. Ping is an interior construct, if there is necessitate to check if the connection is functioning well and if xprtld is up and running on the controlled host, please exploit the below command: "/opt/VRTSsfmh/bin/xprtlc -l https ://< managed-host-name>:5634/world/getvitals". The host name necessitates being a name which is resolve-able.

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    Re: Need a description of the VRTSsfmh commands

    I would just suggest not running ping below /opt/VRTSsfmh/bin to check the similar. The "ping" script servers the reason to send a ping to the CMS and depends on the response if the CMS discards the request and the host is not fraction of the domain, the managed host troubles an auto-unconfigure for the precise domain. As well if your environment has VCS clusters, the cli called "xclusinfo" (present in the similar place) will as well be of interest as it presents a cli interface to drag cluster setup details from the VOM database.

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    Re: Need a description of the VRTSsfmh commands

    For operations, as predictable the communication model is top down, where there is command called from the middle server to the precise managed host. Now the outcome of operations, outcomes in alerts, events, data reporting, this communication conversely is bottom up - where the client converses back to the central server, once more, the client in this case seems up all the domains in the sfm_resolv.conf and reports to all of them. To put in to this a bit more - if there are several domains that the client is reporting into, the detection will occur one time by the end reporting will occur based on the figure of domains the middle server is configured and reporting into.

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