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Thread: set minecraft server on port 25565

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    set minecraft server on port 25565

    Hey any help would be great

    im trying to set a minecraft server on port 25565 [I'm running Wireless if that Changes anything]

    thats whats on my router

    and here is the CMD window

    and then when i try 2 check for it i get this

    if any one can help i would much apreciat

    Router type= Blinkin F5D8236-4 v3
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    Re: set minecraft server on port 25565

    Well, you should know that if you are running a local server, there's no need to forward the ports on your router, so unless you have a firewall/antivirus blocking them locally on your PC, you should be just fine for LAN connections. You can try to use the server.txt (not the log but the settings one) in your server folder and from there change the port to an open port and then save server.txt.

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