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Thread: installing Security for network drive

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    installing Security for network drive

    Hi everyone,I work for a division of a company that has shared many mapped drives and does not have the security applied to folders. Audit this year and I was asked to read and apply rights group permissions first group unit folder. There are many Excel spreadsheets that rely on a separate data through the shared network of 5 units. There are many interrelationships between files and folders you do not want to apply permissions blind. My question is, is there a tool out there that can help me identify encrypted files and folders relationships .Any help is appreciated

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    Re: installing Security for network drive

    There is no way to remember password windows NT or windows 2000 network. I mean anything similar to Windows 9x and the list of passwords. It is part of the security policy. I guess the map is not as script.To avoid such problem you must use an account given different resources or different accounts with the same name as MainDomain- User1 and User1 RessourceDomain-and the same password of course, if a password change, the others are synchronized.

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    Re: installing Security for network drive

    if you intend to share their data with an external source then you need a good firewall that blocks traffic input / output is absolutely not needed, and you can configure the file transfer protocol service to share the files! Tag is equivalent to a network drive on the fly used for and to facilities MS Office suite for example excel, word and power point. Its supposed to be removed after restarting the computer.

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    Re: installing Security for network drive

    The one i owned form quite a while which came with a Storage Manager corrupted four of my macs from Apple with Leopard and Snow Leopard. The desktop seems not to be able to boot with the installed software which came with the drive itself. You must run the application on a desktop. there are not many updates avaliable for this situation at present. I spent many hours trying to get this unit to work on my network especially Apple by the way i am using a Linksys router. You can get it to work with TimeMachine, but be prepared to use the terminal to enter commands.

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    Re: installing Security for network drive

    the Windows XP has many versatile native support features for mapping/using a network drive. A is basically like a network drive which appears to be like a file folder which is situated on a remote location that is configured by the user for sharing on the local area network that the user wants. so my first question is which system are you using by that i am asking is it windows xp, windows 7 or windows vista

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