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Thread: Need 5V, 2.5A adapter for Router

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    Need 5V, 2.5A adapter for Router

    Hello Friends,
    The power adapter which came through my Router seems to have burnt out whether you accept as true it or not. Now I cannot locate a store which sells the correct adapter intended for it. I require an adapter which provides 5V, 2.5A of DC output. I have already given full try from my side and failed to get it. So I am posting this question over here so that you people can provide me some suggestion for this. If you have anything that can help me in this case then please let me know that. I will be thankful to all the replies on this. Thank you so much for reading and replying to this in advance.

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    Re: Need 5V, 2.5A adapter for Router

    The best thing that you can try in the cases like this is to contact the router manufacture and ask them for the same. They will provide you the complete idea that how can you get that. This will be the best and the safest method for you and you should consider this first before doing anything else to it. Other than this, I consider that some 5V adapter will be able to handle 2.5 or more amps will work. You can search on google for more details on this.

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    Re: Need 5V, 2.5A adapter for Router

    I would like to tell you that the component which for all time fails in that element is the (only) 47uf/25V capacitor. You can swap it out by means of the somewhat bigger 47uF/50V cap and you will be fine to go for an extended time. This is just my suggestion to you. You can do what you feel is good for you. But if I would have been at your place then I might have done the same. I wish that you will be out of the issue soon. Thank you!!!

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    Re: Need 5V, 2.5A adapter for Router

    Hey, I have solves the same problem with my power adapter. There was a small difficulty finding the capacitor though, it was enclosed by a black shrink-wrap which have bonded to it making it impracticable to interpret values. It can as well be located by slight staining on PCB and it was close to the AC power pins lying on my adapter. The voltage looks to creep up gradually as of around 2.5V at the time of plugged in with no a load so I expect it's only a soft start characteristic. My router is functioning once more so I am crossing my fingers.

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    Re: Need 5V, 2.5A adapter for Router

    You have to provide more information on what you are trying to do! Do you have another adapter which you would like to modify and use? Do you have parts to make one?

    Or just try ebay

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