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Thread: Error report followed by scam phone call

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    Error report followed by scam phone call

    Last week I permitted my computer to make an Error Report because I was facing some glitch to my computer. This was the first time I was doing that. Yesterday, I got a call from someone saying that they are from Microsoft for Error Report and they have examined the report and found that there is fatal Virus which they can resolve. I agreed to them and utilized the Advance System Protector from them. This would remove the issues I was having and would accelerate my computer. I could barely hear what was being assumed as the headset/phone line was awful and I told them the same. They told me that I could sign up to the protection system on-line. I replied that if their software was as terrible as phone equipment then I was not concerned. Though, my real concern is that this was just time I have permitted my Windows system to build an error report. It looks strange that the error report was pursuing by scam call. Does this company acquire detail of error report on phone number?

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    Re: Error report followed by scam phone call

    I donít believe that the phone call was from the Microsoft. As far as I consider that your system is infected with the virus and the error report that you have obtained is from the malware which looks like a scoundrel security program. All you have to do is to confirm that your computer is completely clean. You can use some good antivirus for that and make sure that the antivirus is clean.

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    Re: Error report followed by scam phone call

    I also agree that cleaning the computer will be the better option for you. I you are not able to do that on yourself than then you can take this computer to some professional computer repair shop and not to the local equivalent. I would like to tell you that local shops are not the skilled persons for removing malware. You should take the entire backup for you data before taking your computer to repair shop.

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    Re: Error report followed by scam phone call

    I consider that it was accidental that you received the call subsequent to allowing an error report for the reason that error reports do not hold some individual information. This is a superior paradigm of phishing through phone since it is a quite protected supposition that some accidental household will comprise a computer by means of Microsoft products and the regular user will believe that Microsoft someway got their phone number as of error report. This is the only thing that I can say for this.

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    Re: Error report followed by scam phone call

    Yes I also got the similar phone call except strung the person along, he told that do you encompass windows? I replied that yes I have it. I am looking throughout them at instant. They said to change to the computer. Again I replied yes but I had not certainly but strung him down for more than 10 minutes after that got depressed so told that the line was so terrible and could not perceive sound from him. I told him to call back then allow him call on answer machine, at rest waiting over again and they will despondent before I do.

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    Re: Error report followed by scam phone call

    Microsoft not at all calls anybody devoid of a pre-scheduled call back date as well as time. If someone calls you saying that they are as of Microsoft, which is not at all accurate. Furthermore, Microsoft does not sell security software, such as promoting system security. We value our customers and that is the reason why we have OneCare safety scanner and the Microsoft Security Essentials absolutely FREE! So when someone calls you asking to buy this or that, do not believe them. It's a scam. Microsoft digital, Crimes Unit is matching through the Department of Justice as well as the FBI to rapidly resolve similar incidents.

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