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Thread: Error message: “Contact the Administrator of this server……”

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    Error message: “Contact the Administrator of this server……”

    I am having the three computers which are in network. These networked computers are running fine for few days but yesterday, I got the error message on this which says: "Contact the Administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Not enough server storage is available to process this commend" All these computers are having the Windows XP installed ion them. If you can provide me some idea that why this is happening to me, then I will be really thankful to all of you.

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    Re: Error message: “Contact the Administrator of this server……”

    The error message that you have mentioned is extremely misleading. The main reason for this problem is most likely to be with the antivirus program which has changed the obscure TCP/IP setting. If you want to get the likely solution for this then you can see this Microsoft Knowledge Base article and see if that can help you to solve the problem. I hope that you will be out of the issue soon. Thank you.

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    Re: Error message: “Contact the Administrator of this server……”

    It is also possible that the Firewall in your computer is blocking the LAN traffic and as a result of that, you are facing the problem like this. So make sure that it should not block the LAN traffic. If you want to check that then you can disable the Firewall protection for some time and see if that is giving you the same error again. If the problem is related to the Firewall then this time you will not get this issue.

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    Re: Error message: “Contact the Administrator of this server……”

    First you should check the user's rights and make sure that it is properly assigned. Other than this you should also check that you have produced the similar workgroup as well as the similar username on w2k/xp used for logging on a remote computer. You may also need to enable the guest account on w2k/xp to resolve the problem. So try to do these things and if the problem resolved by this then it is OK otherwise you can reply back and we will provide some advanced solution for this.

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    Re: Error message: “Contact the Administrator of this server……”

    Are you having the simple file sharing? If that is the case then you can try to disable that and again share the drive manually. If you have the mixed operating system network you should enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Along with this, ensure that the Computer Browser service is in progress if every computer is w2k/xp. I hope that this reply will help you in any manner to solve the problem.

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    Re: Error message: “Contact the Administrator of this server……”

    If you have tried enabling NetBIOS over TCP / IP, but does not work, try loading NetBEUI (load NetBEUI may delay your network). Make sure the server service is running. If you can see the participation in the Network Neighborhood but not access it, this problem can be solved by verifying that both share permissions and NTFS permissions are set correctly for the individual user or group access.

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