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Thread: Setting Priority For Network Devices In Windows 7

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    Setting Priority For Network Devices In Windows 7

    I have just got a laptop that is having the setting of the Ethernet adapter in it and also I have got the connection of two wireless adapters that is being set as one is in the external a / g / b, and the other one is said to be situated in the interior part b / g. And in that all the three are said to be connected to the same network of university. And also in that Windows is however now insisting on making the use of the built-in network traffic that will be going through the b / g, though the cable is said to have an improved ping time in it. Please help me out with the details of the priority settings that can be used by me in it.

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    Re: Setting Priority For Network Devices In Windows 7

    Check out the settings those have been given below and see that whether it is working out for you or not:
    1. At the start you have to click to the Start Button.
    2. After that just right Click on to the option of the Network, and then in that just left Click in the option of the Properties in it.
    3. Then from the option of the Network and Sharing Center you have to click in the window option of "Change Adapter Settings".
    4. After that in the "Network Connections" option of the window, just press the ALT key that is present in the keyboard which will help you to bring up the menu bar in it.
    5. Then just click the option of "Advanced" menu and then in that go to the option of "Advanced Settings".
    6. Then in the "Advanced Settings" window you got to see the menu of the "Adapters and Bindings" tab and then under the "Connections" you will just see and then the arrow can be used for the move of the priority settings up or down as per your need.

    See that these options are working out for you and you are able to do the setting or not.

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    Re: Setting Priority For Network Devices In Windows 7

    This priority setting that has been given above is said to be working out on its own when you are doing all the setting in the laptop or the desktop that you are using. Basically when you are installing the version of the operating system in the laptop it doesn’t ask you for the extra setting in it and just make the connection of the priority directly in it. And also you are not required to do any of the setting for the net or so and just make the proper setting of the operating system in it.

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    Re: Setting Priority For Network Devices In Windows 7

    Hey thank you for the solution that you have just provided to me, I have got the laptop that is of Dell and I have installed Windows 7 along with the option of the Nvidia Graphic card and have installed many of the software’s in it. All this software is used by me for the purpose of the business that I am doing. And also I have just got a major problem that is of Internet connection in it I am not able to connect to the internet and I have no idea what is basically the problem in it. Please help me out with the solution for this, and also tell me what the steps that should be followed by me.

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    Re: Setting Priority For Network Devices In Windows 7

    If you are getting the issue of the Net connection then it is that you just have to see that whether the service that you are using is proving you the proper internet connection or not. It is that you have to check out along with the network that you are using and also you can just get the settings of the internet that will be working out for your system by connecting to the internet. And also you just do all the settings manually and then apply it to the system that you are using.

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    Re: Setting Priority For Network Devices In Windows 7

    Priorities are the main part when you are setting the network devices along with the operating system of the Windows 7. It is this operating system that allows you to set the priorities and this has been brought up in the Windows 7 operating system. The simple technique is to get the settings automatically from the official site itself or if you are doing it to do manually then too it will work out for you. The simple thins is that they are giving you various options for the priorities out of which you can just choose the one that you want and the just apply it to the system that you are using.

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