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Thread: RECYCLER folder is Unhidden after using Combo Fix

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    RECYCLER folder is Unhidden after using Combo Fix

    Hello friend, I have windows XP that has become infected with RECYCLER folder also called Trojan horse. This Virus always run in the background. I tried a lot of thing but I have not been able to find solution. One of my friends suggests me to use Combo Fix to come out this problem. I tried that also but not successes. This folder propagates itself by copying RECYLER folder to the root of all media or drive. My USB drive is also infected with this. It also run registry key. It rename the folder also.What is the step to come out this problem?

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    Re: RECYCLER folder is Unhidden after using Combo Fix

    Hello friend I tell you the step to install Combo Fix. First close all web browsers and application running. Close anti-virus and malware application so that they donít interrupt the Combo Fix. While installation if you are asked for ĎRecovery consoleí please allow it. Combo Fix will close or disconnect your Internet connection as it starts. Donít try to connect it until installation is finished. Click on Combo Fix and follow the instruction. When finished, It will generate a report. keep this text for further use. Once you are done with Combo Fix enable your security program.

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    Re: RECYCLER folder is Unhidden after using Combo Fix

    Before doing anything read all the instruction and notes very carefully from Malware removal Guide. Once you have finished attach the log file. If anything doesnít run or understand write down to this forum and keep going. Donít think if single step doesnít work that they all will not. Comobo Fix runs frequently when all other tools donít. If you get any issue, read guide or scan in normal boot mode. You can run these step in safe mode but insure that you mention everything you did later. When you post logs.

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    Re: RECYCLER folder is Unhidden after using Combo Fix

    Hi everybody, There is actually no problem at all for the end user who want to hide system files. In fact this is good reason for un-checking that hidden file option. This let the end user to see the all file on system. Even though you want to do so, use restore option. Since these are system file these should not be deleted. I think that all windows file are made visible to Combo Fix. Because it is the way to correct what files are infected, missing, damage. I hope this will definitely help you.

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    Re: RECYCLER folder is Unhidden after using Combo Fix

    Any time you get this problem. I will suggest you to run chkdsk /r command. For this click on start button and go to run and then type chkdsk /r and press enter. Then press Y button and reboot. This command should execute and then boot .It may be the chance that windows file are damaged or not working properly. In that case use a repair windows XP you can run sfc scan now. I am not so much aware of Combo Fix and howís it function. I know that it is malware tool that should be used under the supervision.

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    Re: RECYCLER folder is Unhidden after using Combo Fix

    Anytime there is a problem with Windows not functioning as user has chosen...I suggest running the chkdsk /r command.
    Start/Run...type chkdsk /r and hit Enter. Type Y in new screen and hit Enter. Reboot. The command should execute and then boot into XP on completion.
    It's possible that system files are damaged and therefore unable to function that case either a repair install of XP or running the sfc /scannow command is what I suggest.

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