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Thread: Which one to choose from sophos and clamxav

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    Which one to choose from sophos and clamxav

    Which one will be the best antivirus between sophos and clamxav. I am having a few more in the list but after checking out the features in detailed I found this two one. I want a reasonable one that can give me protection from various online threats. I am using my mostly for downloading purpose. I download a lot of file form the torrent and a number of time it happens that some files came infected. So I want a accurate antivirus that can work for a longer period.

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    As far as I know a good online security means a internet security pack is more than enough for getting long lasting solution. There are many. But go for a internet security pack. Which is better to deal with online threats and it also works quiet fast. Almost all antivirus are good enough and comes loaded with latest virus definition. Here Sophos looks a lot more better to me. Personally I am using norton from very long time and it works very well.

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    If you go with Sophos Anti-Virus then you can try the Home Edition. This one give you business-grade support. And it is also very easy to use. I think this one will be excellent choice for you. But still have a look on few more antivirus which comes with similar features and good enough for internet based protection. Firewall is quiet important when it comes to protection from online threats. Because it is the only thing that blocks virus spread.

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