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Thread: AVG Antivirus and anti spyware database outdated

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    AVG Antivirus and anti spyware database outdated

    I have bought new system at my home. I have installed windows XP and AVG anti virus. Everything is working fine on my system. Yesterday I tried to update AVG antivirus. When updating the AVG antivirus I got the error. The error is “Antivirus and anti Spyware database outdated”. Again I tried to update the AVG antivirus but same issue "Database outdated". Can anyone solve my issue.

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    AVG gives you option to download files manually. You can find the same on the official site of AVG. You can download a file from there and you can go ahead with manual update. This is the best part of AVG. You dont really have to rely on your internet connection. IF still it fails to work then the best thing you can do is re-install AVG back again from scratch. Remove it and then try back. Sometime the virus definition got corrupt and give you such problems.

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    Re: AVG Antivirus and anti spyware database outdated

    A number of time malware affect the antivirus performance. It is best to replace and get another one at that time. Which will be a lot more helpful. I am using malwarebytes here. I found it is more effective compare to other antivirus. As it scan and clean the system from more dept. It also has the most recent information on all new virus and security threats.

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