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Thread: Kaspersky affecting Broadband speed

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    Kaspersky affecting Broadband speed

    Hi all, I am halving the Kaspersky installed in my computer. That is working fine but from when I installed that then I am observing that broadband speed is aroud .5 megabits and if I disable the Kaspersky then the speed goes to 2+ megabits. Can you tell me that why this is showing me such a big difference in the speed? Now when I have to download anything from internet then I have to disable the Kaspersky and you also know that it is. Please help me to resolve the problem with this. I will be thankful to all the replies on this.

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    Re: Kaspersky affecting Broadband speed

    How exactly you are testing the broadband speed? You have not mentioned anything about this. Anyway, if you want then you can make use of the and that is the best I can say to test the speed of your internet. However, if you do not want to use that then you can also use the other Java based test as there are many available on internet. All you have to do is just search properly for that on internet and I am sure that you will get that.

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    Re: Kaspersky affecting Broadband speed

    I would like to tell you that the Kaspersky Internet Security works as proxy and that may be the reason that you are not getting the proper measurement from speedtest. If you want to get precise measurement from speedtest then you will have to either disable that or exit it completely to get the exact result. Other than this, you can try to download some of the large file from fast server and see if that is making any difference in the speed.

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    Re: Kaspersky affecting Broadband speed

    I am having some different point of view for the SpeedTest. As far as I know that the SpeedTest is not reflecting the accurate speeds for the internet. This is not only me who is saying this but if you search for this on internet then you will get that there are many such post who are discussing on the same topic. I never give more attention to the SpeedTest. So, you can see for some other testing site on google.

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    Re: Kaspersky affecting Broadband speed

    I donít want to say much about this but if you want then you can see this link and read their discussion on this. They have discussed about this and I am quite sure that you will get some idea from this thread. Thank you.

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    Re: Kaspersky affecting Broadband speed

    I realized that Kaspersky Internet security affects your internet speed and the way web pages load.
    Simple ways to check it-
    1. Do a broadband speedtest with kaspersky enabled. Note results.

    2. Disable kaspersky and do a next speed test using the same server. Note results

    Use tools provided to analyze test results.

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