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Thread: High CPU usage with Kaspersky Internet Security

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    High CPU usage with Kaspersky Internet Security

    I have recently switched to Kaspersky Internet Security as many of my friends told me that this is very nice to use. But I am facing some problem with that. Actually I am experiencing that this is giving me slow computer performance and also the uses of the CPU is increased to a great extends. Earlier to installing that, my CPU uses 15 to 20 percent of the CPU and after installing that the CPU uses raised to 70 to 80 percent. Many of the times, I found that it reaches to 100 percent. As a result the processing speed of other applications in my computer also reduces. Before this, I was using the AVG security and that was not showing me that issue. Can you tell me that what is the problem with this and how can it be solved?

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    re: High CPU usage with Kaspersky Internet Security

    Have you attempted to unticking the 'idle scan' as well as 'rootkit scan' within Kaspersky Internet Security? If not then please perform that and reply back if there is any change.In addition to that if you go to the GSI and click the System Properties afterward Log Events then you will observe some hard drive access errors beginning to put up. Where you perceive the source names 'i8042prt' as well as 'Disk'. It is possible that the antivirus is scanning the system when it is idle and so you are getting the high CPU uses. If you make the idle scanning disabled then you will not get that problem again. Other than this make it moderate and not the deep scan and see if that can reduce the CPU uses to some extends.

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    re: High CPU usage with Kaspersky Internet Security

    My suggestion to you is to free some memory form the computer as possible on each partition on your computer and after that you can run the chkdsk to all from command prompt. This will fix, if there is any memory bug in the computer. But you should remember that you must have the admin rights to do that otherwise, you will not be able to perform this action. Ok, to do that just open the command prompt and there type chkdsk c: /F and press enter. You will have to type Y to program the scan at subsequently windows startup. Then type the similar command but alternate c: for the additional drive letter. If not anything is accessing it scan will over there and then restart the computer to scan c: drive as soon as probable afterwards.

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    re: High CPU usage with Kaspersky Internet Security

    It is also probable that the installed Kaspersky Internet Security may be having some problem with that and that is the reason that you are getting issue with that. If you want to make that sure that you will have to install the Kaspersky Internet Security once again and see if that is able to resolve the problem. You will have to do clean install means uninstall the currently installed one form the PC and restart your computer. Then install that once again to see if that is working for you. If there is some problem with the installed files of the Kaspersky Internet Security then reinstalling it will surely solve the problem for you.

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    Re: High CPU usage with Kaspersky Internet Security

    You can try to do all the above posted suggestions and see if that are able to help you. But if none of them can help you then there might be some problem with the operating system that is installed in your computer and so you are getting that high CPU uses. You can perform the Repairing of the system on your computer. To do that you will have to boot from the operating system CD and then when it asks you for the type of the installation then select “Repair” as your choice. Normally, you will have to press key “R” to do that. Once that will complete the repair process then the computer will be rebooted and the issue may be resolved. I wish that this will help you.

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