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Thread: Canít always browse my network

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    Canít always browse my network

    From a PC that I often used with Win Vista Business in that in to the Windows Explorer I am able to see Network and I can see only the PCs on which Win Vista and Win7 is running and I am not able to see it on to the Win XP and Win2008 platform. Even from a WinXP PC from Windows Explorer when I try to expand my domain does not initially see any pc, if you return after a few minutes maybe you see it all. The problem seems to be accentuated when we replaced the domain controller on Win2003 to Win2008R2: can be a configuration problem on the server?

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    Re: Canít always browse my network

    After reading the issue about which you have talked over here I just want to tell you that do not worry about it I have one solution regarding this and I am sure that it will help you in order to fix your query. So in this first you have to try to remove the option of WINS servers from DHCP. WINS servers are "good"? I think you may actually miss the "node type" that you mentioned. So just go for it I am sure it will fix your matter.

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    Re: Canít always browse my network

    In the WINS tab of TCP-pc in question, the bios is set to default, and should take from what I read the settings from the DHCP Scope has the following Options:
    • 3 Router
    • 6 DNS Server
    • 15 Domain DNS
    • 44 Server Wins / NBNS

    For the case without Node Type option 46 = WINS / NBT?
    In addition to the event log I found some errors BROWSER ID-8032: The browser service has failed too many times to recall the list of backup. Maybe you will get the reason of your problem.

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    Re: Canít always browse my network

    To fix this matter you can also go for the solution which is I am going to give you over here. Ad ya you can go for this solution only if you are not getting solution after trying the suggestion which is given above. In this you have to first
    1. Try to check the status of the NetBIOS over TCP / IP protocol in the advanced properties of your network card.
    2. Check the event log for error and the Computer Browser service. (Make sure it is activated and automatic, of course)

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    Re: Canít always browse my network

    Thank you guys for the tip which you have given over here, thanks to you I got the solution: Of the 2 domain controllers on the network that I have only the old one so I had been installed the WINS server (which is why sometimes it worked on), the new service 2008r2 wins just was not installed that is why sometimes it did not work. Windows XP was not available when the first wins went quietly on the second, while Vista and 7 siu this second attempt could not always!!

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