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Thread: How to configure new wireless n router on Mac

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    How to configure new wireless n router on Mac

    The house has finally acquired wireless N sufficient to justify a new router. We went with a Linksys E3000. Is there any way of knowing of the IPAD if itís the N or G, the 2.4 or 5? I can already notify a big dissimilarity in signal strength. Please someone help me, I donít know many things about this, and therefore I require few help of yours. If anyone has any information regarding my issue than, please provide me. Please provide me as much information you have.

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    Re: How to configure new wireless n router on Mac

    If the router is concurrently then you have options. 2.4 And 5GHz. You should be able to choose. Ensure your Netgear 3400 router @ staples $ 79 -$ 30 coupon settings which I bought and this is the cheapest concurrent router on the market. It works flawlessly on my devices. IPhone 4 is running@2.4 GHz and IPAD @ 5 GHz N. I wish this information is useful for you.

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    Re: How to configure new wireless n router on Mac

    I'll dig into the router GUI tomorrow and see what I can find. I can tell the novel router has a much greater extent and it seems that the navigation IPAD is faster in general. App Store and iTunes load much faster. All similar can be said for the iPhone 4. I do not think the old router speed would be an obstacle to the IPAD, I thought I was faster than the processor could chew, but I'm pleasantly wrong. Perhaps the old router was crap.

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    Re: How to configure new wireless n router on Mac

    possibly slightly off topic but it sounds like you have the right to the experts on this subject to help me. I have a time pill in the office upstairs and two Airport Expresses for stereo music streaming from the home. I know the Airport Express can be utilized to widen the sign of the time capsule, but am I right that you have to decide one or the other? Cannot be utilized for Airtunes and comprehensive range at the similar time? Or am I analysis incorrect. I ask because my iPad speed decreases when the complete opposite end of the house and the stairs, but it is one of the Airport Express closer, it would be good if it expands the range of the Time Capsule, TiVo as well in the similar room with a deprived signal strength that could use the extension of the signal.

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    Re: How to configure new wireless n router on Mac

    And as well, if the two frequencies have the same SSID name IPAD then automatically attempt to connect to the 5-GHz radio first. The information over is excellent advice if you wish to force your iPad (or any other device) to connect to a precise frequency. In my situation, forcing all "N" devices for the 5 GHz band and all other shares of the 2.4 GHz band, so do not stop the "N" stuff.

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