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Thread: CRSV4000 - version 1 or version 2

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    question CRSV4000 - version 1 or version 2

    I have a cisco rsv4000 small business router and I want to upgrade my firmware, there are two streams dpending if I have version 1 or version 2 of the router. Does anyone know how to see what version of the router I have and what the differences are between V1 and V2?

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    Re: CRSV4000 - version 1 or version 2

    I really do not have much idea regarding the router of yours but I think that it will be simply great if you can just have a look for the same on the official site of Cisco and see if you can find the update for the same there. In addition to that I just want to let you know that it will be better if you can see for the same for this link as well: Firmware v1.3.2.0 for Cisco RVS4000 VPN router. I am sure that it will help you in some manner.

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