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Thread: Dell Inspiron 17R not connecting with internet wirelessly

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    Dell Inspiron 17R not connecting with internet wirelessly

    Hey friend, I am here with a peculiar type of problem with my newly purchased Dell Inspiron 17R laptop, the machine is running with Intel Corei5 processor, windows 7 OS. Along with this the machine is compatible with AMD high definition graphics card. I basically sue this laptop for internet access and also for playing games. Ok now comes to the problem. I usually connect my machine with the wires and wireless network connect, both are situated in my building. These were working fine till the last few days. But from yesterday I encountered a problem with the internet connection basically in wireless network. Though this works fine with the wired network, only with the wifi network, whenever I tried to connect with the machine with the wireless network it simply flashes a message, that windows is not able to connect with the network, canít understand why the problem is occurring. Is there anyone having any suggestion for this problem?

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    Re: Dell Inspiron 17R not connecting with internet wirelessly

    As per my knowledge the problem is occurring for the network router driver, which you are using in the wireless network connection. The router might be corrupted or out dated or corrupted, for that I suggest you reload the driver, insert driver installation disk and ping to the device manager, right click on driver name and choose advanced recommended driver update option it will ask you to locate the driver installation program from any location and run the process. Try with this; I hope it will surely help you.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron 17R not connecting with internet wirelessly

    Is the wireless network connection is working properly, I hope this is might be occurring for the wifi router firmware, for that I recommend you to update the driver firmware version, for that download latest version of the firmware program from the manufacturer web site and download it into your machine. I hope the technique may be helping you somehow. Replace the existing one with newly upgrade or downloaded program.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron 17R not connecting with internet wirelessly

    In your laptop, is the wireless wizard is turned on and working fine? Because I was also facing similar issue, after that I also searched everywhere for the solution and along with this also applied some of them, but did not help me anymore, then one of my friend suggest me to check the wireless wizard of my system. i suggest you to also check that one but before that ping to network and sharing window in control panel and from there look for the status of network router, whether this is working fine or not. If there is any issue with the machine hardware or the wireless wizard in your machine then this can only be solved by the service engineer, contact with the driver manufacturer engineer.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron 17R not connecting with internet wirelessly

    Almost similar issue, in my Compaq Presario F739AU notebook, this is running with windows Vista OS and compatible with wireless connectivity. The machine was running fine with the wifi network before till the date. From today morning when I was first attempt to connect the machine with the network, it simply directs me that windows is not able to connect the machine with the network after that I searched almost everywhere for the solution of this problem, but did not found anything regarding this, so I am posting my problem here. And hope someone will surely help me.

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