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Thread: computer recognizes but not working in wifi network

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    computer recognizes but not working in wifi network

    From last few months I am using a Acer aspire laptop, this is running with windows vista OS. The machine was working fine till the last date with the wireless network. But from last night it is creating a problem regarding the connectivity. I am using satellite hn7000s wifi modem. The machine is detected but not connected after that, whenever I click on connects anyway option. The problem is occurring just after install a high definition, though I donít think so this might be the cause, but I would like to get some knowledge on this type of problems from someone from here. Any information regarding this will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: computer recognizes but not working in wifi network

    I also donít think so the problem is for the gaming program which you installed in your laptop, but would like to suggest you to ensure about this, try once by remove that one from your machine, along with this also remove the gaming related files which is collaborating with the windows version, reboot your machine and now try to connect the machine with the wireless connection. Along with this also recommend you to check the network connectivity.

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    Re: computer recognizes but not working in wifi network

    The problem might be occurring for the network router, for this I recommend you download the latest driver from there and install into your machine. Because I think the driver is out dated or might be corrupted, for this according to me I think there is only one solution for this type of problem. Go to the manufacturer web site and choose the correct driver which is compatible with the machine specification and also with the operating system version. So go for this, it will surely help you to resolve the problem.

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    Re: computer recognizes but not working in wifi network

    Is the wireless wizard in your machine is working correctly, though I had similar issue, and after that I was also searched everywhere for the solution and also tried with many of them, but nothing works there. So after a long time for searching, by the suggestion of one of my friend I simply contact with my machine manufacturer service engineer.

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