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Thread: Low transfer rate over Ethernet LAN

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    Low transfer rate over Ethernet LAN

    Hello friend, I am having a Apple mac book pro laptop, this is running with windows vista OS, the machine is very much impressed me with its features along with this mostly its looks. I usually connect my laptop with my home wired network by the suing of Ethernet LAN. Recently I upgrade my hand drive from 500 GB to 1TB. For the network connectivity o am using Netgear Ethernet over Power adapters. Along with this I am also having an Apple ipad touch, and when I tried to transfer contents from ipad to my laptop over LAN Ethernet cable, the transfer speed with itune application was getting very slowly. Also the network speed is also getting very slowly. What should I do? I am not having ideas to overcome from these types of problems. Any information will be appreciated greatly..

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    Re: Low transfer rate over Ethernet LAN

    Though I am giving you the first solution for this, so at the beginning I would like to suggest you to reload the ether network router driver, which is installed. For that insert driver installation disk into the CD ROM drive, and then ping to device manager, from there open network tab, and right click on the driver name, now chooser advanced windows recommended option. This process will first ask you to browse the driver installation program, from your machine or from other place, where you stored it browse and terminate the process, wait for the process completes and reboot your machine for apply the changes. Try with this, I think this will surely help you to recover the problem.

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    Re: Low transfer rate over Ethernet LAN

    Regarding the problem that you mentioned in your post, I think you should first go through LAN connectivity and the LAN cable, by which you are connect your machine with the network because I had similar issue, and I found this, so it might be possible that the LAN connectivity is not proper in your network path. Along with this, if all the processes are running smoothly then I recommend you to reload the itune application, remove the existing version and then remove the other file those are collaborating with your windows log file. Now go for a fresh installation.

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    Re: Low transfer rate over Ethernet LAN

    Be sure that the connectivity and the performance status of the network adapter is correct, for that open device manager, and from the network tab check the adapter status. If you found any problem on ether, then I suggest you directly update the driver firmware version, for that connect the machine with internet and choose update option, by right click on the driver name. Choose online option, it will direct download the driver application and will install into your system. Or if you know the manufacturer name, then from the official web site download the appropriate driver and install that one. Is the LAN cable is working correctly, because in some of the cases I found that for the LAN cable this type of problems might be occurred.

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