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Thread: Windows XP: non-operational wifi network connection

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    Windows XP: non-operational wifi network connection

    Hi all, I am having a Compaq Presario notebook, this is running with windows XP, other specification of my laptop are 3GB RAM, 320 GB hard drive, along with this NVIDIA GEForce graphical interface and compatible with Intel dual core processor. Along with these, I installed Comodo Firewall and AVGfree version. The machine is compatible with wireless connectivity. But there is a problem with the wifi connectivity. The network connection continuously dropping after log into the network service. And for this when I tried to check the network status inside of the network and sharing center under control panel it shows the network connection is no operational. I am not able to understand this problem, so I am here. I hope someone from here will surely help me to overcome from this problem.

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    Re: Windows XP: non-operational wifi network connection

    According to me about these type of problems i would like to recommend you to reload the wireless driver application, for that visit to the manufacturer web site and from ether download the latest version of driver application, which is compatible with the machine specification and also with the operating system version. download and install that one, now reconfigure your machine with the network service and now try to connect your machine with the wireless network , I hope from now the problem will not be flashes in your laptop.

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    Re: Windows XP: non-operational wifi network connection

    I would like to suggest you to release the router and the machine connection, and after that disable the firewall and if you are also using any antivirus application, where the network access is checked then also disable that one. Now try to connect the wireless connection. Because I w as also facing similar issue, after that I searched everywhere for the solution, also applied so many tricks to resolve this issue, but nothing works. After that I follow this one of the trick and the machine connects with the network and still now there is no problem with the connectivity. So I hope the solution will also helpful for you

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    Re: Windows XP: non-operational wifi network connection

    I think you should try once by run the network diagnostic toll application, by this you will be able to find any issue regarding the network connectivity. For this open network and sharing panel windows from control panel, now click on the network name which you are using, it will open the configuration page from there select the diagnostic option, and terminate the process,. It will collect the problem with the network connection. If ether is technically or configuration problem into the network connection then by this problem the problem will surely removed. Also if the problems still occurring then I think you should consult with the network service provider.

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