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Thread: Laptop does not recognize LAN cable

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    Laptop does not recognize LAN cable

    Hi, unfortunately I have no right answer here to my problem. The laptop of an IBM ThinkPad T42 cannot see the LAN cable. Thus, there is no way to get into the Internet. Wireless Lan does not work either. The device manager both the Ethernet adapter and the network controller with the yellow question mark labeled. The current drivers I have loaded on it via USB port but not detected. The operating system is Windows XP, SP2. I have tried all things, but the router does not recognize it or not this laptop's LAN cable. I have a EasyBox 602 of Vodafone. A friend of mine is with his router other providers came with the laptop to the Internet. Perhaps someone can help me here. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Laptop does not recognize LAN cable

    Actually in this I want to know that what exactly does "not recognized"? Which drivers you have installed recently in your system? Even if it did not necessarily have anything to do with the current problem must be and this is definitely not more. So give the information which I need over here and please try to do9 this as soon as it is possible for you.

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    Re: Laptop does not recognize LAN cable

    I am also going through the same and in this I have done everything as it was displayed. The trouble is that the laptop does not recognize the cable or the router with my laptop. So what to do in order to fix this issue and in this the solution which you have you given over here I have tried the same but no success so if anybody have solution for this then please help me.

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    Re: Laptop does not recognize LAN cable

    I want to know here that What is displayed under Device status, if you go in Device Manager the Ethernet adapter properties? Moreover, again: What You Did exactly as "not recognized" when installing the driver? And the second thing is that Via cable or via Wi-Fi? And the third thing is that Open a command prompt window (Start -> Run -> cmd) and type there: ipconfig / I have Post the output here (the line "physical address" please leave out). Copy the text goes beyond the editing capabilities of the system menu in the upper left corner of the window.

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    Re: Laptop does not recognize LAN cable

    Run the downloaded driver file (7ira09ww.exe). Thus, the driver is unpacked (not everything happens as a result). Should you, the default file does not regularly revising that drivers will be unpacked in the following folder: C \ DRIVERS \ Win \ ETHERNET. Incidentally, you can delete that folder after the installation.
    • Go in Device Manager the Ethernet Controller "Update Driver". You will see the Hardware Update Wizard.
    • Choose the question "Should ...?": connect to Windows Update" No, ...".
    • Choose the question "How would you proceed?": "Install from a list of install ...".
    • Select on the next page: 'Search this sources ... ". Remove the tick "Search removable media" at. Set the checkbox "Include this location in search". Fill in there the path of the folder where the unzipped driver files, and attach \ PRO1000 \ Win32 (C: \ DRIVERS \ Win \ ETHERNET \ PRO1000 \ Win32 if you the path did not top last, that would be). Explanation: In the packed driver file contains a driver for multiple controllers, each with its own subfolder. This will need a \ PRO1000 \ Win32 are appended.
    • After "Next" You should see the drivers are installed.
    • - Install the drivers I think the way for one of the worst successful parts of Windows XP.

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