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Thread: Network icon has a red X on it but still online

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    Network icon has a red X on it but still online

    I have recently upgraded my vista machine to windows 7 home premium. The whole thing worked after the upgrade apart from for hamachi (edition 1). After uninstalling and reinstalling of that and it resolved it, except for I had two hamachi network interfaces listed in device manager, single of which was turn up as not working (yellow exclamation mark). As the whole thing was functioning I left it alone. I attempted to upgrade hamachi to hamachi 2. Appeared to work okay however I could not connect to any peers.I open device manager and found that was only one hamachi NIC listed furthermore it was the not working one. I after that manually installed an additional instance of the hamachi network adapter. Hamachi at a standstill cannot connect to peers - similar error message regarding the network adapter.

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    Re: Network icon has a red X on it but still online

    I will recommend you to try the following steps on the way to reset the network configuration - this re-showed my LAN adapter!

    1. Go to Start menu and click Run and type regedit , and after that press ENTER.
    2. Find and after that click the following registry sub key:
    3. Click Export by right-clicking this registry subkey, and after that save the chosen branch in a file.
    4. Click the Network subkey once more, plus after that delete the Configuration entry. The Configuration entry will be rebuilt at what time you reboot the PC.
    5. Reboot the PC.

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    Re: Network icon has a red X on it but still online

    I would like to know whether you have installed Norton on your computer. If yes, at that moment uninstall it and verify if the problem persists. Such problems are cause by security software’s similar to Norton. If you have some other security software’s installed in that cases uninstall it and verify of the problem. Post back the status.

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    Re: Network icon has a red X on it but still online

    I have 2 proposals.
    1. Go to network adapters within network plus charging center and if you have local area network (LAN) and a Wireless one, let me know.
    2. After attempting the above method, if they are not there at that moment place all your files on a disk or flash drive as well as after that re-format your PC.

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    Re: Network icon has a red X on it but still online

    I have accurately the similar problem. If I click on "Change adapter settings" inside the "Network and Sharing center" not anything displays up.The little network icon within the system tray dispalys an X. I contain both a wireless network adaptor as well as built in 10/100 adapter. They both function and get Internet protocol addresses and permit for web surfing. On the other hand ,I cannot configure any element of it. The problem started for a time around moreover installing (or else uninstalling) hamachi2.I have attempted to uninstall the whole thing and reinstall, however at what time I tried that I completely lost all network connectivity - that forced a system restore.

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    Re: Network icon has a red X on it but still online

    This may be happening due to the incompatible NIC driver or else because of the corrupted files. To resolve this you can attempt the following steps:
    1. First of all uninstall the NIC driver and Install the driver for windows 7 in compatibility mode.
    2. After that reboot the system in safe mode with networking. And verify the result if you get any error message please let us knows. So that we can provide further help.

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