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Thread: How to create, delete and set up the Home Group

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    How to create, delete and set up the Home Group

    I want to know how to manage groups in the home of Windows 7, I do not understand at what time I try to alter the password I can say no when I try to remove me and says I cannot configure it and I said no, and do not know how and I have PCs in my house and want to share files. When I try to access another computer to share files or printer asks me a username and password and I have no user and password will fix that. Please let me know any solution to resolve this issue.

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    Re: How to create, delete and set up the Home Group

    Home groups or Group Home is an easy solution for sharing files over a network in Windows 7. To administer the group must have been the creator. Assuming you has 3 computers. 1, 2 and 3 create a group, rather "the" group. 1 and 2 will not be able to create and will have to join. This measure is given to simplify things, Microsoft said. If you have not created the group cannot alter the password. As an alternative you can do 3. (Who has created the group in our hypothetical case).

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    Re: How to create, delete and set up the Home Group

    It will not look for user or the passwords as you enter the Home group tell him what to share and what not. (Right-click on a folder or else library, share with Group Home). In the event that provoked or user password is for the reason that you are trying to enter from the network, you be able to, of course, but have this trouble, or advantage for some.

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    Re: How to create, delete and set up the Home Group

    Let us suppose that 3 has in its network configuration can just access your shared files people by means of username and password on that PC. If you, from the PC 1 does not have these necessities do not enter. If you are able to access their shared files straightforwardly in groups at home. Make. If you did not create the group does not suit you much more than deciding what to share and what not.

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    Re: How to create, delete and set up the Home Group

    To create a Group Home
    1. Open Group, to perform this, click the button Home, now click on Control Panel, Type group home in the search box and after that click Group Home.
    2. On page Share with other home PCs running Windows 7 Click “Create a group home” and after that follow the instructions. To set up your home group.
    Notes: If there is previously a group home on the network Windows inquire if you desire to join that group as an alternative of creating a new one.If you do not have a home net, you have to set up earlier than you create a group home.If the PC belongs to a domain, you be able to join a group at home, however cannot create one. You be able to access files as well as resources on other PCs at home group, but cannot share their own files and resources through the group home.

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