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Thread: High speed internet vs Dialup Connection

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    High speed internet vs Dialup Connection

    Hello people, I do not have much knowledge about the technical concepts neither , I use much of it , I belong to technical background, I am going to pursue CCNA training since I have planned to change my job profile . I have a simple internet set up as far as the internet is concerned , can you tell me what is the main difference between the high speed and dial up connections .

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    Re: High speed internet vs Dialup Connection

    When it comes to surfing the network, a high speed connection is the method to opt. Whether you select a DSL connection or a cable internet line, the dissimilarity, when compared to dial-up speed, is significant .Dial-up setups normally run at a speed of 56k, or 56 kilobits per second. However, the FCC has this even extra to 53k. passed a guideline in some countries that restricts. 2. DSL speeds are normally between 768k and 1.5 Mbps (megabits per second), though a number of reach speeds as soaring as 7 Mbps.

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    Re: High speed internet vs Dialup Connection

    Cable internet speeds are generally lie in 4 Mbps and 6 Mbps, although speeds of 16 Mbps and even advanced are not useless . With a dial-up connection, you will not be communicate on the phone and access the internet at the same time except you have a subsequent phone line; with DSL and cable internet setups, a second line is not essential. A dial-up connection may take numerous minutes to stack an e-mail or a webpage, with respect to numerous seconds on a DSL or cable setups.

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    Re: High speed internet vs Dialup Connection

    Dial-up connections are extremely sluggish compared to other connection types. When linked to the internet the that particular line cannot be made used for phone calls, so if someone calls you when you are linked they will get the busy signal. Dial-up connections move packets over an analogue cable so before the data is sent it has to be transformed from digital to analogue, similarly when data is received it has to be converted from analogue to digital (this is what the modem does), this adds a performance overhead which affects the speed of the connection.

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