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Thread: Windows 7 Dell laptop is not networking with my Windows 2000 Acer computer

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    Windows 7 Dell laptop is not networking with my Windows 2000 Acer computer

    I am not able to network in both my brand new windows 7 OS compatible Dell inspiron laptop and with my existing windows 2000 computer. After bought the new laptop, I tried to connect the machine with my existing wireless home network, which is already connected my old machine. I tried to both machines in my home group for playing some of the high definition games from both the machines. Whenever I tried to connect machines, the windows 7 laptop is detected by the other machine but other one is not able to detect windows 7 laptop. What kind of problem is that, I canít understand. I hope someone from here will be able to provide me some information regarding this problem. Any suggestion will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: Windows 7 Dell laptop is not networking with my Windows 2000 Acer computer

    Though one machine working fine and detecting the other one, so I think the problem should be in that machine, for that first of all I suggest you to reload the wireless network driver in your old machine. For that go to the device manager and from there select the network driver, and right click on it. Choose update option, and this will ask you to choose either online or offline to update the driver version. If you choose the online, then it will detect the driver version from manufacturer web site, and will shown to you by a pop-up windo0w, click on update button and it will update the driver firmware version.

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    Re: Windows 7 Dell laptop is not networking with my Windows 2000 Acer computer

    The machine which is not able to detect the other machine, so I think the firewall security option, is not enable to recognize other machine, for that I suggest you to check in the firewall setting option, and from there select the sharing option from there, and check whether the other machine name is listed over there or not. If not listed then click on add a machine or network, it will search the machine or the network, select the machine name and click on add button. I was also facing similar issue in my machine, which was also not detecting by my friends machine, we both are not having such information regarding this issue. And after that, by this process we able d to access our machine in network. Along with that also try to run the network diagnostic tool, if there is any issue with the network service, then by this it will recognized.

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    Re: Windows 7 Dell laptop is not networking with my Windows 2000 Acer computer

    I also think that the problem that you mentioned in your post,occurring for the firewall option, and then I suggest you to disable the firewall option in your machine by which you are not able to detect other one. Now search for the other machine. I hope this will now definitely recognized by your old machine. I heard that some for the driver are not compatible with new operating system version. So it might be possible that the wireless driver in your old machine is out dated or may be corrupted. If the other services in that machine are working fine then ok. Otherwise I think you should go for reload the wireless driver, I hope by this you will get relief from the problem. For that remove the existing one and along with that remove the other collaborating files from your machine. Reboot your machine and start the fresh installation, after that you should require for reconfigure your machine with the network and with other machine. Go through this process, I hope this will definitely help you to resolve this issue.

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