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Thread: Kubuntu: How to remain hidden on a network

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    Kubuntu: How to remain hidden on a network

    I have a Netbook with a Kubuntu 10.04 setup, with complete disk encryption as completed with the alternative setup CD. I know regarding proxies and how they can permit you to remain nameless while you are accessing the Internet, but what I am inquisitive about is how to remain nameless or hidden while accessing an exacting network. For instance, say I depart to a local cafe and access their wireless network, how could I create it so that no further PC on that network can observe my PC on the network? If it is not probable to wholly eliminate one's footprint, what are a few ways to make it as small as probable?

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    Re: Kubuntu: How to remain hidden on a network

    I am not an 802.11 specialist, but I discover it very improbable that you are going to be able to conceal your interface's layer 2 transfers, as that would rationally hinder with usual communication. Two easy things for considerably extenuating risks:
    1. Do not have any TCP/UDP services snooping for exterior connections.
    2. Just communicate over trusted, encrypted channels.

    If you are sending anything obvious text you can think that it will be cached and read.

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    Re: Kubuntu: How to remain hidden on a network

    It depends on a large number on who you are annoying to conceal it from. An easy proxy, no script, and immobilizing cookies will keep websites from tracking you. A VPN warren will defend your transfer over WI-FI to keep people from inhaling your traffic. If you are annoying to hide your actions from ISPs VPN, if you are annoying to hide from regulation enforcement, ask in another place.

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    Re: Kubuntu: How to remain hidden on a network

    If you contain one of those wire thingies associated to your computer, and it goes to one of those phone jack type things, or even inferior, you just choose yer signal from the Ether, after that there is a possibility, not slim to none, but a genuine chance that somebody can monitor that data. That is a reality. It depends on who needs to do so and how much time, wealth or water they wish to expend to get to that data, and after that, once more, to write out it. Keep in mind; it does not have to be read in real time to present one the unlucky alternative of real time.

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