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Thread: Server backup solutions other than Acronis

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    Server backup solutions other than Acronis

    I am looking for a backup solution with a full backup every week I and a daily backup drive incrementally mine server. I know there really only Acronis True Image Server, which sit about expensive around of 6000 rs a Lic (a server). So I just want to know regarding this that is there any solution for this issue so that I get the solution for my query.

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    Re: Server backup solutions other than Acronis

    First, Windows does indeed board means by which a reasonable backup can be made. NetBackup and BackupExec are very reasonable products, which are available without weeks of training even implemented. For more accurate information, but missing a few details from you Windows 2003 and 2008 is a start, but what kind of server yet, SQL Server, which mail system, data volumes for file servers, etc. Email archiving in operation? Outsourcing copy tapes envisaged and the administration?

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    Re: Server backup solutions other than Acronis

    I am looking for a tool such as Acronis to me insured a complete image, to put it where there is a failure to be able to get back. Backup our file server is with us already made about HP tape library. There are Windows Server 2003 R2 DC WSUS AD DHCP DNS Exchange and also the HP Backup tool which is located on the servers. Is it even possible to Exchange or WSUS on the fly as these programs access to databases and so on. Or could that Acronis or other program?

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    Re: Server backup solutions other than Acronis

    I want to do so with daily task. Say for example I want to make a full backup with Acronis and then Incr. And administer this every time the WSUS DB and Exchange DB Manuel? I cannot imagine it? How then do the other? So when I'm with acronis a full backup and the two DB's are still running then I gets an error from Acronis which the two banks could not be backed up Date. Acronis backup from then breaks or does it continue?

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    Re: Server backup solutions other than Acronis

    With Acronis you need for a domain controller until the 2003's Active Directory with (NTBackup) and then run back up the system backup with Acronis. The restoration is then reversed. When Exchange Server (2003) you can use the system - that the share of Windows Server Security directly with Acronis. How it works at 2008 you have to Google yourself again. If Acronis skips in securing the databases that are not destroyed! - Instead, just simply not backed up, because Acronis cannot access it. (If yes in use) The databases have to be separately secured. And we can also be used with standard tools (NTBackup) to solve this. The same applies for the SQL Server. In 2003, you can theoretically even do both (system and databases) to ensure the on-board resources NTBackup. Although I recommend you a system backup with NTbackup cannot. The recovery is complicated and only after careful consideration of individual systems and folds of the necessary steps.

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    Re: Server backup solutions other than Acronis

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