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Thread: My windows 7 is not indexing any network drive

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    My windows 7 is not indexing any network drive

    I am facing issue with indexing a z drive on Windows 7. Indexing means fast searching and this use to work really well on Windows XP before. Later on I upgraded to Windows Vista and there also it work fine. But at last when I switched to Windows Vista I am facing this problem. I am not able to understand why this thing keeps on giving me the error. I had tried looking around for solution but it is not working. I want some help here to fix the problem.

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    Well you have to check the connectivity here and also you have to verify that the drive which you are connecting to your pc offer you full permission. Or else you will face such problem. Try to recreate your account and assign the Z drive rights. And then test back. I am quiet sure this will start working and will offer you a simple way of locating file fast and easy. Windows 7 is lot more better than the older operating system. It gives you many features and is also fast at indexing.

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    Here using a third party tool will help you more. If you want a fast search. The issue occur when the drive gets disconnected from your pc. It can be due to reboot of server or due to the connectivity issue. It is essential that you must simply try checking the connection. Update your lan drivers also. Most of the time when the system went into sleep mode such issue occur. You can disable those power settings for your pc and for the server both.

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