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Thread: How to save list of wireless connections

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    How to save list of wireless connections

    Hi all, I am having the Windows Vista installed on my computer. I want to replicate all my list of wireless connections into a laptop that is having the Windows 7 installed in that. So can you tell me that if there is any way so that I will be able to accumulate catalog of wireless connections on any disk or any flash USB memory. I need quick replies on this topic. Please help me if you know anything about this. Thank you!!!

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    Re: How to save list of wireless connections

    As you told that you need to save all the settings to any USB flash drive so I would like to tell you that this is possible. If you want to do that then you have to click on the start button from the bottom right of your screen and then click on the network. After that click on the Add a wireless device and after that you just have to follow the simple onscreen instruction that will be provided by the wizard. See for the export profile from the menu and set the location for that. It will export the settings for that. So try this and see if that work for you.

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    Re: How to save list of wireless connections

    It’s very simple to export the wireless settings as of one machine toward a different machine. You can also take the backup for that in Windows 7 very easily and that can be stored in the USB drive. After that you can import the settings to the computer where you want. Here are the steps to export the settings.
    1. First of all you have to open Network and Sharing Center. You can accomplish this by clicking on wireless network symbol that is there on the taskbar and clicking the ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’. A substitute can be to go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center.
    2. From the left side of Network and Sharing Center window click on ‘Manage wireless networks’ link.
    3. within the Manage Wireless Networks window you will observe a list along with the entire wireless networks where you have associated in the history. Double click on those interests you.
    4. Now you will observe a window that is having the entire properties of it. To keep them on flash drive, ymou have to click the bottom link that texts as ‘Copy this network profile to a USB flash drive’.
    5. You will see the Copy Network Settings wizard. Put in the USB flash drive and wait till it is perceived and the Next button is activated.
    6. It will take only a few seconds to finish the copy process. Click on Close aster completion.
    7. You will see a setupSNK.exe file in the USB flash drive as well as a SMRTNTKY folder. Make certain that you do not remove them from memory stick.

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    Re: How to save list of wireless connections

    Once you have successfully exported the settings then you will have to import the settings to a new computer. You may know the procedure for that but I am again giving that to verify that.
    1. Firstly, insert the USB flash drive in the laptop where you would like to bring in the settings and after that run the setupSNK.exe file. Click yes when it launches the Wireless Network Setup Wizard.
    2. You will find that the settings will be imported in few seconds. When you will receive the notification below then click OK and begin using wireless network.
    3. This process is very obliging for together public as well as hidden wireless networks. In its place of typing extended authentication keys, it is simpler to insert the USB memory stick, after that run a setup file.

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    Re: How to save list of wireless connections

    I agree with the above suggestion and can say that this will work for you. Earlier, I was also needed to do the same but was not able to export the settings and when I did the same steps as suggested above then it solves the issue for me. So you also need not to search much because at the last you will get the same thing. So do this and see the result. I am sure that you will get the positive result.

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