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Thread: Belkin F6D4050 v2 USB Wireless not working with Windows 7

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    Belkin F6D4050 v2 USB Wireless not working with Windows 7

    I newly buy a Belkin wireless adapter designed for utilize in my Media Center computer in the living room. The router I am utilize is too a Belkin N+ Router. The wireless adapter will attach on the way to my WPA-encrypted network, however it will discontinue working later than about 5 minutes or consequently. The position of the association will declare "No Network Found." The logo will exhibit signal power by means of a yellow bang next to it. It gets a hard reboot to find it on the way to work once more. Taking it away of the USB port and place it back in doesn't do something. The emblem remains the similar, but it won't allow me right click or left click on the logo. When trying on the way to shut down, the PC never shuts down every it remnants fixed on the "Shutting Down" display. I have immobilize the alternative in the adapter location on the way to have it power down to put aside power. I thought this would attach it, however the adapter immobile does not wait linked. My Dell laptop find a stronger signal than this adapter, and it too has no issues by means of staying associated on the way to the router. Any assist would be respected on outline out how to find the adapter to job correctly.

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    Re: Belkin F6D4050 v2 USB Wireless not working with Windows 7

    I think I have the solution for this issue as I was also having the same issue with this Belkin F6D4050 v2 USB Wireless router my problem was when I have installed on my personal gaming PC with Windows 7 Professional. And almost everything went smoothly. Only a small piece of hardware gave me a headache: The Belkin Wireless G USB Adapter 7050B is not currently in Windows 7. I have solved the problem by installing the latest driver for that hardware.

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    Re: Belkin F6D4050 v2 USB Wireless not working with Windows 7

    I think this might be helpful to you to get the desired solution I hope this will help you so follow the steps:
    • Find the right driver from the Belkin support and be very careful on the five different versions. The correct version of the adapter, you can learn about the FCC ID on the adapter.
    • After that just edit the EXE file by doing the right click on the file and then go to the properties from the menu.
    • Put check mark in the Compatibility Mode and Windows 7 and choose and store.
    • After this just "Run as Administrator" right click and choose New.

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    Re: Belkin F6D4050 v2 USB Wireless not working with Windows 7

    While I'm on wireless internet, and wireless display (see picture) has a yellow dot in the display, only when I try to call back with the vpn-client to the university network I get the error message. I've tried everything: Reseat the adapter Have found the following when I "manage wire-free networks," in the network, delete, and set me up again, everything works perfectly, and the VPN client. However, if I start the computer again everything is gone. Why is that? I've asked several people but no one could help me. I still have to write this, I was on holidays with my parents and there is no DSL available. I had to create there a dial-up connection, and since the thing is certain. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Belkin F6D4050 v2 USB Wireless not working with Windows 7

    I have read your post many times and then searched ion the net for the solution so that I can help you out of this issue. I found that it may be a cause of the dial up connection which might be interrupting you to get the connection. So I would like to recommend you to delete the dial up connection and then I hope that this issue might get solved. And one more thing after deleting it and from the Internet Options or Connections "not choose" Connection Settings. If this solves the problem then please let us know.

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