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Thread: Cannot access network NAS hard drive

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    Cannot access network NAS hard drive

    I have newly purchased a WD 1 TB NAS drive but for a few reason I cannot access it wirelessly from my laptop. It is distant to my Belkin n+ router and my laptop is a dell studio XPS operating a fresh setup of Microsoft windows 7. I can access it well wirelessly from other laptops running either windows 7 or windows vista, and it appears to work well while my laptop is attached to the router by cable, but wirelessly it cannot pick it up and unluckily the dell is my main computer. I can occasionally observe the drive emerge in my network file but after that I cannot utilize it or the tool design webpage for a few causes. Is there any setting for my wireless card or windows 7 which I am lost or something? Linking to the internet wirelessly through the router works flawlessly and I attempted contacting both dell and WD but neither was any assist. Any suggestion you could provide me would be extremely respected.

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    Re: Cannot access network NAS hard drive

    The primary thing I would recommend in this case is to renew the wireless adapter drivers and momentarily immobilize any antivirus software running on your PC. For a PC to get linked to a wireless network you will require ensure for few things. Make sure that your wireless adaptor is installed properly.
    1. Unlock Device Manager. To perform this in Windows 7, click on Start, enter device in the Start Search box, and after that click Device Manager in the Programs list. If you are aggravated for an administrator password or for verification, enter the password, or click Continue.
    2. To unlock Device Manager in Microsoft Windows XP, click Start, click Run, enter devmgmt.msc, and after that click OK.
    3. Enlarge Network Adapters, and after that confirm that your wireless adaptor is exhibited. If your wireless adaptor is not presented, one or more of the below problems possibly causing the trouble:
      • A wireless network adaptor may not be actually there. You have to install a wireless network adaptor earlier than you can bond to a wireless network.
      • Your wireless adaptor may not be joined properly. Turn off your PC and after that eliminate and again connect your adaptor.
      • If your adaptor is a USB adaptor, there possibly a trouble with the USB ports on your PC. Check your USB ports by linking to a dissimilar USB device for example a USB mouse. Confirm that the USB ports work properly. If you have numerous USB devices on your PC, disconnect any devices which you do not require.
    4. Confirm that your wireless network adaptor emerges with a yellow exclamation sign or a red "X"
      • A yellow exclamation sign points to that there is a trouble with the device.
      • A red "X" points to that the device is immobilized. Right-click the device and after that click Enable.
    5. Twice click your wireless network adaptor. On the General tab, make sure that the device is working accurately.

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    Re: Cannot access network NAS hard drive

    I am having this exact similar trouble. The steps over are not applicable because I can bond to the Internet and local network just excellent. The problem is admittance the network share which is on the N+ router itself. I can work via windows XP PCs no trouble. I can even perform it on a VM on my Windows 7 box functioning XP. I cannot perform it in inhabitant 64 bit Windows 7. It provides me error code 0x8007035. Probing through the internet I observe that there are problems out there with rising NAS drives on Windows 7 so this possibly associated to that. I am functioning Windows 7 with the Belkin N+, and lastly I tested out this thread and performed the steps there but no resolution.

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    Re: Cannot access network NAS hard drive

    I purchased the N+ router previous week and later than a week of many efforts to connect my NAS and talking with some persons every other network connections effort well both wired and wireless by means of windows XP Pro or windows Vista and Windows 7 64 bit desktops and linking the Panasonic BD player and receiving internet through the BD player, I have fulfilled that the Belkin N+ cannot be fruitfully connected to a NAS and be perceive on the network as a network tool phase. I exchanged out a Linksys Fast Ethernet 10/100 wired router for the Belkin N+ for Gigabit networking. Somewhat too easy to do, connect an Ethernet tool to a windows network, up till now it cannot be made. I will maintain my hopes up that somebody can unravel the trouble within the upcoming 15 days or so, if not, it is going reverse to the seller. The NAS works well and can be pinged connected straight to one of my ports on my X58 motherboard; it shows up as a divide network in windows Vista. The features of the N+ and the worth point appeared to be the inspiring thing, on the other hand, if I cannot bond the NAS behind the router I have no option but to discover a gigabit router which can be linked to a NAS.

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    Re: Cannot access network NAS hard drive

    I would like to put in myself as having the similar problem. I ran windows Vista Pro 32 bit for a year on Dell Latitude E6500 laptop and accessed my Synology DS209 and Dlink NAS parts just well. Improved to Windows 7 32 bit previous month, no troubles. But later than upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit this week, I cannot access either NAS or even observe them on the network. Sure would be pleasant for Microsoft to admit this problem and shape out what is going on.

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