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Thread: substitute for Airport extreme

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    substitute for Airport extreme

    Hi friends here I want to know that is there any kind of substitute for Airport extreme or some kind of other modem or router that has a USB port which allows to connect a USB Hub for a variety of stuff I mean that external hare drive, printer, card reader, etc? If there is no choice will airport extreme to handle additional USB devices than printer and external HDD? I am very involved if it will be get solved or is this possible:
    1. Make use of external HDD as a music library for 4 laptops on that 3 are running on Windows XP operating system, 1 running OS X simultaneously
    2. Make use of printer on all computers simultaneously
    3. Make use of card reader on all computers
    4. Make use of other USB stuff like wireless USB mouse, gamepad and keyboard?

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    Re: substitute for Airport extreme

    I am Not very much sure concerning the card reader, or other usb stuff. Because on the other hand my Airport Extreme has an external drive which is plugged in that is and utilized by a Macbook/iMac/XP machine/Linux machine and it work very well on all the machines. I have also 2 printers which is recently plugged into it which are utilized by the above machines. So this much I know and I have share my experience regarding this issue.

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    Re: substitute for Airport extreme

    Actually currently I am looking for the cheap Netgear router that I make use along with DSL. It works enormous, but I at the present I have a two laptop so that is why slowlyI stop making use of our desktop machine. Wireless printing now appears a requirement. I am thinking Airport Express would resolve my harms. Actually many of the users are going through the same issue. I just wonder if there is a cheaper (non-Apple?) substitute that would permit wireless printing. Like is there somewhat I am able to add to my present Netgear router? Or should I presently part through the 4000 rs for AE and obtain it? And another thing in this is that if I do obtain AE, am I able to still make use of my Netgear router in a number of fashions, to extend the signal?

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    Re: substitute for Airport extreme

    Give me the address of the wireless printing part. Airport Extreme/Express offers an benefit that no additional tool is able to - you are able to make use of your USB printer driver to print during AEX, for the reason that the airport software forwards USB printer output to the AEX USB port. This is not the kind of IP printing. By making use of any additional print server which does desire IP printing. The major difficulty there is, that approximately all non-postscript printer drivers on OS X go around CUPS and are intended only for local connections. The non-postscript OEM drivers is not able to do IP printing, so you have to make use of Gimp-Print or a number of other alternate CUPS driver.

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    Re: substitute for Airport extreme

    I have both things I mean that a Netgear router which is recently connects to the net wirelessly, and the other thing is an Airport Express which I make use of for standalone speakers, wireless printing and it does make bigger the wireless range. Just obtain one!! So according to me it is very easy to set up, and also it is worth the cash. The wireless printing is a main plus too.I have no cables, which is linked to my powerbook, with all the functionality I was able to hope for. Presently keep in mind to modify the wireless channel of your Netgear to 12 or it is able to cause issue with music playback!

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