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Thread: Are packets in ARP protocol are broadcasted?

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    Are packets in ARP protocol are broadcasted?

    I am a student and I am very much interested in the field of networking, I am a aware a bit about the Internet protocol , and the TCP/IP protocol being used in the networking and transferring the packets , I was a bit confused about the ARP protocol and the RARP protocol being used, I had a doubt does it broadcast a packet , but I am not sure , I am asking for your opinion, so please comment on this.

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    Re: Are packets in ARP protocol are broadcasted?

    Yes let me clear your doubt , an ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol that is normally used to locate an address, but before that you should know the proper addressing of the the sender and the receptor . It actually maps either with the logical or the physical addressing I am not quite sure, I could tell you this because I had learned it in my college days. Yes indeed ARP protocol broadcasts a packet while it sends a packet in form of a request. In the reply the packet is unicasted.

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    Re: Are packets in ARP protocol are broadcasted?

    The arp request packet who has a valid Ip addresses is transmitted by the Ethernet broadcast address, and an Ethernet protocol category of value 0x806. Given that it is broadcast, it is acknowledged by all devices in the same conflict domain or the LAN. This makes sure that is the object of the query is associated to the network, it will obtain a copy of the query. Only this machine responds. The other systems abandon the packet silently.

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    Re: Are packets in ARP protocol are broadcasted?

    The word address resolution means to the process of searching an address of a machine in a network. The address is "resolved" by making the use of the protocol in which a portion of information is transmitted by a client process running on the local computer to a server based process running on a remote machine. The information gathered by the server permits the server to exclusively recognize the network system for which the address was necessary and for that reason to render e the obligatory address. The address resolution procedure is finished when the user receives a reply from the server having the necessary address.

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    Re: Are packets in ARP protocol are broadcasted?

    Well I think the ARP protocol maps the Ip address which is also called a logical address or protocol address with the hardware address or the physical address of the receiver, here the sender is aware about the receiverís logical address , then he broadcasts the packet along with the protocol address of the receiver, if the ip address is matched then the request is send to that particular machine, meanwhile the other machines will discard the packet.

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