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Thread: Cannot start Firewall in Windows 7 (Error 0x80070437)

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    Cannot start Firewall in Windows 7 (Error 0x80070437)

    In making the list of services to disable I realized that the firewall is stopped. I wanted to boot from the control panel but I get this error message:
    The Windows Firewall cannot change some of your settings. Error Code 0x80070437.
    Then I tried to start the service and then I get this message: Windows could not start the Windows Firewall service on Local Computer. Error 1079: The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process. This appears to be a problem that are not found, a problem of configuring services but it is very unclear as the message. Does anyone know the solution to return to normal without having to format and reinstall Windows 7 leaves to restore the default security of user account under which I am?

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    re: Cannot start Firewall in Windows 7 (Error 0x80070437)

    I will have to do a few manipulations on your system. There may be several reasons for passing an infection to software conflict, corruption, or even an error on your part by fiddling your services. Before you start solving problems, have you tried a system restore to an earlier date and also provide your services to original condition because there may be a dependency that is disabled. Provides you the service which is running as Local Service.

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    re: Cannot start Firewall in Windows 7 (Error 0x80070437)

    The solution which is given above is ok otherwise, perform the following procedures:
    1. Start by doing a virus scan with your software or else download malware bytes for it.
    2. Make a clean boot to disable that can interfere as another firewall.
    3. Then conducted an audit of components with the commance sfc / scannow in command prompt. Subsequently returned to you for your service, and ensures that the required services are started for the Windows Firewall.

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    re: Cannot start Firewall in Windows 7 (Error 0x80070437)

    This service was actually not "Local Service". After manual reset I still cannot start the firewall. I get the window "Use default settings" but when I click button using the default settings, nothing happens and the firewall is inactive. By going into services, the Windows Firewall service is Automatic (Not started). If I try to start it I get the following dialog box: Windows could not start the Firewall service on Local Computer. So please help me.

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    Re: Cannot start Firewall in Windows 7 (Error 0x80070437)

    I also noticed in the Firewall Driver and get the following message: The description for Event ID 1 in the source Microsoft-Windows-MPS-RVD was not found. The component that raises this event is not installed on the local computer where the installation is corrupted. You can reinstall the snap-ins to solve the problem. Errors: Event ID: 1 and 2 Moreover, When I try to read the newspapers in Firewall and Firewall-CPL-Client diagnostic log shows a dialog error: Cannot perform the requested operation on local computer.

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    Re: Cannot start Firewall in Windows 7 (Error 0x80070437)

    I use AVG Antivirus. I did an analysis that reveals nothing abnormal dugout. I also did a sfc / scannow, the result tells me repair some files but after rebooting, the firewall still cannot start. I also tried a clean boot, but here it goes very bad because the PC is stuck on a black screen with the list of files in windows. The blocking is done on reading a file from AVG. Gray bars on the top and bottom of the screen is said, "please wait” but nothing happens even after waiting 8. Yet my C: \ drive seems to have an activity because the hard disk light blinks but without reaching a result. Therefore I find a manual solution. However, I am not sure that uninstalling AVG antivirus solves this problem.

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