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Thread: What are the practical sides of the attacks?

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    What are the practical sides of the attacks?

    Hey Guys, I wanted to know that what are the practical sides of the attacks? I have heard that there are two ways but what are they I am not aware of it. Is this attack most commonly used by the hackers or it is used in an extreme conditions? If anyone having any information or knowledge about it then please let me know as soon as possible.

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    Re: What are the practical sides of the attacks?

    I think that one of the practical sides of attacks can be Application level attacks. Usually attacks is executed when it is at an application level where it seems to send and then that matter is targeted by the attacker endeavored to which it will admittance, amend or thwart contact to in sequence of a scrupulous application, or the request itself. You can take an example in which you can consider that someone’s credit card details on the Internet, or' altering the contents of a memorandum to transform the amount in an operation, etc.

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    Re: What are the practical sides of the attacks?

    I also know another option which is Network Level attacks. The main goal of this attack is that it will try to reduce aptitudes of a network which can be executed with number of achievable ways. When this attack is done it first step is that it will slow down the system or can also stop the progress of a computer network. Due to this attack it will give rise to application level attacks which will give all your information with help of its access to your network.

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    Re: What are the practical sides of the attacks?

    I think that one can easily access the data or some important detail if they have accessed the Network level attacks. If this is achieved then Application level attacks can also be easily achieved by the attacker. This is very risky when the attack by the attackers is successfully executed. If this attack which is been executed by the attacker is successfully done than it can get all the important details about the user which will be a big treat to user’s confidential information.

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    Re: What are the practical sides of the attacks?

    I believe that this attack is done when the attacker is tired with its technique to get access the information of the user but is unable to get so it uses this techniques so that it can get access through the user network or try to get it through its application. This is the most common practice by a hacker or attacker to get the information or details of the user. I think that one must be careful and must have prevention to their system in order to such victim of such attacks.

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