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Thread: Insufficient memory message is displayed during the file scan

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    Insufficient memory message is displayed during the file scan

    I am facing a strange problem whenever i am trying to scan my system i get an error message. I was performing an online scan of my system and during the scan it appeared that my system memory was low and i cannot continue with the scan. This really disappointed me because my RAM is new and also i have lots of system memory. Still it is showing me the error. Now what can be the problem behind these. If you have any idea then let me know.

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    Re: Insufficient memory message is displayed during the file scan

    Well i would say that the amount of memory an online scanner uses can be checked by performing the ctrl+alt+del operation. This will show the memory usage that it uses. From there you can get to know the actual memory usage. So you will get a fair amount of idea how much your scanner occupies the memory. Do try to scan your system with some other antivirus and see if that also gives the same error. If that also gives the same error then there must be some problem with your system memory.

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    Re: Insufficient memory message is displayed during the file scan

    I would definitely advice you to check the environment variable of your computer. In case you don't know, right click on My computer and select properties. In that you will be shown the various tabs, select the advanced tab and there you will get the environment variable. In case you don't have any variables there then you must create one as early as possible. The format should be as follows X:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp for windows vista and 2007 and for windows xp it should be X:\Windows\Temp and X:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Local\Temp. Reboot the system and see the difference. It must work out for you.

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    Re: Insufficient memory message is displayed during the file scan

    OK thanks for helping me out. It seems i did not gave much attention to the environment variable. My operating system was Windows xp and i thought that may be the system memory is insufficient that is why it is not supporting the scan. So this should possibly be the reason why it was not working out. Anyways i got the solution. Thanks to you all for putting in the efforts in solving my problem.

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