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Thread: How do I Enable IPv6 for Homegroup in Windows 7?

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    How do I Enable IPv6 for Homegroup in Windows 7?

    Hi friends, I want to know how could I Enable IPv6 into the Windows7. At present my computer system only activates IPv4 network connection. I don't know how I activate IP version 6 on to my personal computer. Now that I have Windows 7 on the computer I can see the networks and access their files from the laptop but the XP based system unable to access my files on to the system that is using the Windows 7. The problem here I get is when I try to access homegroup either with by myself or by building a new group then it shows me that IPv6 needs to be enabled to create or join a homegroup. Please help me to enable IP v6 so that I can join a homegroup.

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    Re: How do I Enable IPv6 for Homegroup in Windows 7?

    Well I think that you can still access file shares through the windows XP, what you should have to do is you just want to go the manual route option; in that right-click on a folder and setting a share. Also, confirm that the firewall is not blocking the file sharing: Also then go to the elevated command prompt and on that right click to it and select the Run as administrator option then in the command prompt enter: netsh firewall set service type=fileandprint mode=enable profile=current.

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    Re: How do I Enable IPv6 for Homegroup in Windows 7?

    Very initially try to verify the relevant services: 1. Firstly navigate at the "Start" button on to the taskbar, from that go at the search bar and in that type "services.msc" and hit Enter button. 2. From that you should have to right click on to the "Peer Networking Grouping" service and select Properties. 3. Now you should have to verify if the service is been in progress; if it is not, then click the Start button and view it whether it works. 4. Also you should have to select Automatic that is very next to the Startup type and then click OK. 5. Then you should have to replicate the given steps with another service: PNRP Machine Name Publication Service. Also momentarily disable Firewall and third party antivirus program on the computer for a check.

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    Re: How do I Enable IPv6 for Homegroup in Windows 7?

    Also try to alter IPv6 registry key to enable IPV6: 1) similarly we should have to click to the Start, from the search box type regedit and then after that click to the regedit in the Programs register. 2) Place and after that tick the subsequent registry sub key:
    3). Then after we should have to verify that the "Disabled Components" registry key persists. If it exists then go on the next steps. 4) Then twicely click to the Disabled Components registry key and change the assessment to 0. 5) If the key doesn't persist, then please make the key above and allocate the value 0 to it. 6) Finally exit Registry Editor, and after that reboot the system.

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