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Thread: Error 868: Unable to connect to VPN

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    Error 868: Unable to connect to VPN

    Hello friends, the problem I facing here is that I am unable to connect to VPN. My friends in college make use of the VPN to connect to the internet. My VPN was also functioning flawlessly but until last week it unexpectedly got stopped working that is it got crashed. I am unable to perform an y good setting for it. Also I tried to reinstall the VPN from the uni's website but that also not worked and also I tried it manually, but it's not working. It keeps on saying ''Error 868''. I truly don't know what to do now. Can anyone please help?

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    Re: Error 868: Unable to connect to VPN

    I think that this problem can be caused due to the DNS servers. You are using through your existing location of the VPN appear to be hijacking or deteriorating to come back to the exact DNS reply for the destination name. Also please verify your VPN settings and confirm the VPN server is correct, connect VPN server by means of IP instead of the server name.

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    Re: Error 868: Unable to connect to VPN

    Please you should have to confirm that is any proxy you are using, for time being you disable it, after that you can follow these steps: 1) initially first have a click on to the “Start”. 2) From the start menu select the search box and in that type “Configure proxy sever” and push Enter. 3) Now you click on to the option in the “Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings” and then after press “Settings”. 4) Validate if proxy server is set, eliminate the option “Use a proxy server for this connection” and click OK. 5) In the same Window click on to the “LAN settings”. 6) Eliminate the alternative of “use automatic configuration script” and “Use a proxy server for your LAN”, you may now choose “Automatically detect settings” and Click “OK”. In addition, you can disable the firewall from your computer, and if your PC is connecting with the router then you may bypass it for check.

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    Re: Error 868: Unable to connect to VPN

    Verify these things: 1) Name you are trying to link resolves to right IP of the VPN Server which you would like to connect. Try connecting by IP in its place. 2) Also confirm that, in which you are doing, is it a PPTP or L2TP? Better attempt with a PPTP, just to make sure connectivity. Do a telnet to 1723 from the client to check if it’s open. GRE can be checked trough PPTP tool or through the traces. 3) From the server side do a "netstat -ano" from command port and verify if 1723 is open. 4) Check the RRAS console to check if the PPTP ports are programmed for the machines to connect. 5) Disable all the third parties, particularly all of the Antivirus and the firewall on the client with the help of the MSCONFIG and from device manager. Try linking now. Also if the problem exists then you can login with Clean Boot for verification.

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