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Thread: How to get Remote Access To WISP LAN

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    How to get Remote Access To WISP LAN

    I have settled up one remote access workstation in order to access my WIRELESS setups from the home itself. I have connected this workstation with the cable to Modem. Now I want a workstation that can have access to the NET and to a WRT300N DD-WRT which is my Wireless router. I have tried setting the NIC on the Workstation as a static IP of then neither I am able to access NET nor the WRT300N wireless router. Can you guys give me some idea where I might be going wrong. Please help me, Its urgent!!

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    Re: How to get Remote Access To WISP LAN

    I guess there would be something related to the router which might not be able to give out IP addresses as it would be directly coming from an Internet Service Provider. I would suggest you to make sure that the router is set as a DHCP server and even cable of the modem must be connected with its WAN port. Then connect the any one of the LAN ports. I am assuming the environment that you have setup at your place according to which I have tried to help in some ways, Please reply back if you notice this solution as useful one.

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    Re: How to get Remote Access To WISP LAN

    Thank you so much for replying so soon, Actually I have connected the Cable modem with the WRT300N's WAN port but I don't think this is the entire thing. This both the things are connected with via the Linksys dumb router. I hope that I would be able to access the WRT300N's admin screen which seems to be helpful in for further purposes. Mainly I have set up this workstation just to access the 300N's admin screen remotely.

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    Re: How to get Remote Access To WISP LAN

    I suggest you to try setting up the NIC on the workstation to DHCP where It seems like you can get an access to the NET and even you must be able to get the cable modem @ as well. I have imagined in what way you have settled up whole wireless network that you want to access from the home with ease. I guess the solution that I have provided here must be working for you so just start trying now. But make sure that your ISP is not stopping you from doing such access.

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    Re: How to get Remote Access To WISP LAN

    I think you should get rid of the Linksys router which does not seems to be capable of doing what you want to do. I suggest you to connect with the main router directly with the PC so that there won't be much long paths needed to fetched in an overall network station. Once you have connected the wireless LAN directly to your machine then there should not be much things to worry except setting them up on your operating system.

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