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Thread: Unable to update ESET virus signature database

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    Unable to update ESET virus signature database

    This is the first time I am using ESET AV program, as you can say a newbie. The best thing is I got a good AV program to solve some of issues hidden in my computer and the bad thing is I couldnít able to update it. While launching the update wizard I get "Error Allocating Memory" error and the update stops at the same time. It wonít be a problem if it shows once or twice but here I am getting it every single occasion. Currently the version of ESET is and 5689 is virus signature database. Now the ESET is showing me that System is unprotected and the program windows Defender is also out of date and need to be updated in order to protect system from malicious contents. By seeing this message I realized that the Win Defender Is also engaging with ESET and due to this formation I am getting infrequent update issues. Am I right? What do you say about it?

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    Re: Unable to update ESET virus signature database

    As far as I know Microsoft Windows Defender is an antispyware tool that arrives allowed through defaulting option with Windows Vista and Win7. All kinds of ESET security products are absolutely companionable among Microsoft Windows Defender. Windows Defender does not include any antivirus utility, so it is not necessary to remove or took out of action of Microsoft Windows Defender while installing any kind of ESET security product. Before updating ESET you need to wipe out the memory data of updates. If some update files are previously present in memory the update will recognize it as existing and cancels the process.

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    Re: Unable to update ESET virus signature database

    I think it is not something regarding the issue of the allocation of memory. I think the ESET itself unable to connect to the server where it gets the update files or signatures. What you have to do is the set the automatic option from manual to automatic and restart the system. Now connect to the internet and wait for a while. Another thing is in ESET advance setup mention the type of internet connection which you use for update, so that it can easily recognize. Make sure that while connecting to the server do not use Proxy server option in it. Uncheck it before proceeding.

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    Re: Unable to update ESET virus signature database

    There are several reasons behind unable to update virus signature database.
    • Disruption or failure of Internet connection.
    • Data corruption on HDD
    • Broken ESET installation
    • Update server files might be Corrupted (Mirror server location).
    • Mismatched update (BY beta ESET service to update from live update server)

    If these are the reasons in your situation then I urge you to manually delete the entire update files by going through update folder and re-download the whole database once gain. If the entire database has been corrupted then the new update will get a space to move toward it.

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