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Thread: Losing internet connectivity after installing ESET

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    Losing internet connectivity after installing ESET

    I am running Windows XP Pro PC from the past several years. My favorite web browser is Firefox and the currently the version is 3.6.12. The antivirus installed is ESET NOD32 and updated to the latest version 4.2.67 recently. After all this fresh tools I am getting some online connection issue. While surfing web for several minutes to hours I lose internet connection automatically without any error message or warning. Once it lost I need to restart my system to get back the connectivity again. I am pretty sure that it is something to do with the NOD32? I am out of ideas about how to resolve this. If you have any better idea then it will be very useful.

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    Re: Losing internet connectivity after installing ESET

    As I gone through your problem I assumed that is the issue of the protocol filtering settings. So you need to regulate Protocol filtering settings to avoid computer disturbances owed to network traffic scanning. The network traffic has been scanned by in cooperation of both ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus for viruses by making use of the ESET kernel service (ekrn.exe) seeing that an inside proxy server. By default, ESET security tool routinely senses programs that are worn like web browsers and email clients, and appends them to the directory of programs that the proxy scans. This preserves origin failure of internet connectivity or additional undesired fallout among applications that utilize network characteristics but are not browsers or email clients. You can fix this by altering some settings of internal proxy, protocol filter etc. Make sure that these settings have been applied for right web browsers and email clients.

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    Re: Losing internet connectivity after installing ESET

    For me it seems to be that those issues of the personal firewall program. If the personal firewall has not been configured correctly then you could issue the problems like internet connectivity outage and drop in network (LAN) etc. To resolve this re-configure the firewall by changing its all settings to default. Otherwise set it interactive mode. Divergence flanked by ESET Smart Security intrusion detection system and some of the device drivers belongs to your internet routers or modems are able to generate fake and optimistic warnings and obstruct the Internet connectivity. If this is the case then Adjust IDS options to put off router quarrel and fake positives.

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    Re: Losing internet connectivity after installing ESET

    Infrequently subsequent to installing ESET Smart Security, the false-positive recognition of definite processes can reason an impermanent defeat of internet connection. In order to restore your internet connectivity follow the below steps in your AV program:
    • Open - ESET - ESET Smart Security.
    • Push the F5 key to show the Advanced Setup window.
    • On the setup Tree (left side) click “Personal firewall - IDS and advanced options”.
    • In the “Intrusion detection” section, deselect the subsequent alternatives:

    ARP Poisoning attack detection
    DNS Poisoning attack detection
    TCP Desynchronization attack detection
    Reverse TCP Desynchronization attack detection
    • Click Ok to confirm and go back to Main window and clarify the result.

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