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Thread: Is Ssvagent exe a virus?

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    Is Ssvagent exe a virus?

    Hello friends, I am in a bit confused. As, I recently deleted SSVagent from my computer system which I thought was as virus. I assumed SSvagent as a threat to my computer system. Now, the problem which I am facing after removing SSvagent is that my internet explorer is not getting started. Not only my Internet explorer but also Microsoft Office is also not getting started. I am not aware how to repair it? Please, if anyone having any information about this query then please let me know.

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    Re: Is Ssvagent exe a virus?

    You should be aware the SSVagent.exe is a file which is a part of the java system and you deleted the main file of it. If you donít have this file you wonít be able to open Internet Explorer. You must know that the internet explorer is a program which coded in Java system. If you delete a part of java then how come you will be able to access that program. You donít have option; you have to get SSVagent installed back on your computer system.

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    Re: Is Ssvagent exe a virus?

    I also agree that without installing SSVagent you cannot access to internet explorer. The steps through which you can get SSVagent back in your computer system is
    First step is you must open Internet explorer and then you must go to Tools.
    After going in tools, you will find an option as Manager Add-ons where you have to disable Add-ons
    Atlast you will find SSVhelper class, ypou just click on SSVhelper class and make sure that you select disable under settings.

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    Re: Is Ssvagent exe a virus?

    If you follow the above steps you will be able to access Internet explorer. You must know that if you delete a file from a program, it will be very difficult to run that program. So, it is necessary and valid in your problem also. You need to have SSVagent.exe files if you are using internet explorer. My suggestion to you is that you should get SSVagent.exe back in your system in order to start Internet Explorer.

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    Re: Is Ssvagent exe a virus?

    Firstly, you should not think that SSVagent.exe is any kind of virus. Though there are some viruses which execute themselves through an executable code. But SSVagent.exe is not one of those types of program. It is a part of Internet explorer which once deleted will disable you to view internet explorer. I think that you should follow the above steps in order to get the SSVagent.exe back on your system. So, that you can open the internet explorer.

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    Re: Is Ssvagent exe a virus?

    Even if you feel that, if Ssvagent is creating an issue in your computer, then you can download a tool called ATF cleaner, or anything that has the words "Cleaner" in the name. Like CC Cleaner and the such to clean this process. Also you can try restarting your computer, and the MINUTE it loads up, get into Ctrl+Alt+Del as fast as you can, and close the process IF you can find it.

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    Re: Is Ssvagent exe a virus?

    What I have found about Ssvagent.exe as per on the sun-oracle website is that it is a process used in Internet Explorer, so one can easily disable the ssvagent in Internet Explorer by following the below method:
    1. First of all, open IE and then click on Tools, and then Manage Add-ons and then Enable or Disable Add-ons.
    2. After that just click on SSVHelper Class and choose to disable it under settings.
    3. After that click ok and restart the pc. Check if the problem fades away or not.

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