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Thread: How to Remove Backdoor.ProRat Virus

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    How to Remove Backdoor.ProRat Virus

    I have been using a desktop computer which is installed with windows 7 recently i discovered a virus when i scanned my system using an online scanner. I looked up for a patch but can not find I rely on you for help. Please suggest me a suitable solution to get this problem resolved. I have been using the Avira Antivirus which is not detecting any sort of Virus or Trojan on my system. What to do in this case. Any help in this appreciated.

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    Re: How to Remove Backdoor.ProRat Virus

    I got infected too, and I tried a number of solutions and I ended up finding one for the hell of virus turns the system 32 it even corrupted the windows xp and to identify the program that is impossible to remove the dll remove this virus. I think that the antivirus can not find the solution to this virus being given that the file is not accessible. If possible you can tell me an antivirus application which can help me to get this issue fixed.

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    Re: How to Remove Backdoor.ProRat Virus

    eScan Antivirus is an antivirus system as complete, we should avoid and control all possible threats in any environment and situation. Blocks unwanted advertising windows, checking mail, monitors web pages you visit, eliminating the annoying spam e-mail, filter attachments and so on. The advantages of eScan Antivirus are many and varied. The program is updated automatically every day, is capable of monitoring equipment, all kinds of reports generated, block Web sites with unwanted content and is also in several languages.

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    Re: How to Remove Backdoor.ProRat Virus

    The Backdoor Prorat is a real nuisance (especially versions 1.8 to 2.0), it puts off a lot of AV and firewall, and anti Trojans, versions of PestPatrol are too old to be able to find the main office to check) moreover, it operates completely invisible, no need to look in the task manager. It is also invisible in the registry and msconfig, but there are still places in the registry where you can find and remove its variants (I say VARIANTS). HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ policies \ Explorer \ Run \ DirectX For Microsoft (R) Windows dxdiag.

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    Re: How to Remove Backdoor.ProRat Virus

    You can use the Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 - is the best solution for Internet security. The product provides continuous protection from Internet threats regardless of whether you work, use the services of Internet banking, shopping, chat or play online.
    • Protection from viruses and spyware in real time
    • Check the Web sites and programs for malicious code
    • Enhanced proactive protection from Internet threats
    • Web filter that blocks access to dangerous sites
    • Reliable protection of personal data
    • A safe environment for launching programs and Web sites
    • Search for vulnerabilities in installed programs

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