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Thread: Error "printer cannot be contacted over the network"

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    Error "printer cannot be contacted over the network"

    Hi to all, I have newly upgraded my system to Windows 7; I have a HP DeskJet 656 that I added as a network printer. The issue I get is that the printer troubleshooter tells me 'the printer cannot be contacted over the network'. It works from a different laptop I have but not my Windows 7 laptop. I had also gone to the HP site and downloaded the Windows 7 printer update, I manually installed a new driver, I have also perform unplug and re-plug and the whole thing that I can perform, also tested the cable, it is fine . I am not sure how to fix this issue but nothing is functioning to me. Please help

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    Re: Error "printer cannot be contacted over the network"

    I would recommend you to use the printer troubleshooter. If your system is having trouble during printing any of the content then try to make use of the Printer troubleshooter to repair the problem. The functionality of it is, It makes sure that a printer is linked to your computer system, and it verify for common problems such as whether the printer has sufficient paper and toner to complete printing your document. To do the troubleshooting. First click on to the Start button, from that select the control panel, go on to the search box in that type troubleshooter, it will give the other window from that click to the troubleshooting under the Hardware and Sound, after that click on the Use a printer. Also make sure you should have the the latest troubleshooters from the Windows Online Troubleshooting Service. This will surely work

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    Re: Error "printer cannot be contacted over the network"

    To make sure that printers on the network are being displayed, test to see that whether the network is functioning properly. View the status of your network, Network and Sharing Center gives out the real-time status information about your network. We can check if your computer system is linked to your network or the Internet, the kind of connection, and what level of access you have to other computers and devices on the network. This information can be helpful while we set up the network or if we have connection problems. You can find additional detailed information about your network in the network map, which is accessible from Network and Sharing Center. To check it first click on to the start button, go to the control panel, in the search box type network and then open the Network and sharing center by clicking it.

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    Re: Error "printer cannot be contacted over the network"

    Initially please sure that you have turned on the network discovery on both the machine for them to be detected. perform the steps mentioned below to do the same: 1) Click to the start button, then click on to the control panel, now in the control panel go to the search box and type the network, after that click to the network and sharing center, and then in the navigation pane go to the change advanced sharing settings. 2) To expand the current network profile click on to the chevron. 3) Lastly click to the Turn on network discovery, and then click Save to do the changes. If it ask for the password then enter it or else continue. Your computer system might not be linked to the network the Home Group is on. Also make sure the computer has network or Internet access. Perform the Windows 7 troubleshoot the Internet connection for you.

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