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Thread: Connection failure due to '2wire usb remote ndis ethernet" error

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    Connection failure due to '2wire usb remote ndis ethernet" error

    I have got a desktop system at my place , I have AMD Turion processor installed in my system, I use windows 7 operating system which I had upgraded recently after Windows Vista. I have a DLink Network Card installed on my mother board , I have 500GB of total disk space in my Seagate internal hard drive. There is some issue in my internet , whenever I try to connect my system to to the internet I get a strange error which I have never seen before it says 2wire usb remote ndis Ethernet driver is not there . If any one from the forum writer is familiar with this issue then place give your valuable comment on question, so that I can resolve my issue and get my system connected to the network again.

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    Re: Connection failure due to '2wire usb remote ndis ethernet" error

    It simply says that you need compatible drivers if you really wish to stay with the network . You have mentioned that you since you use 2 wire Ethernet cable then definitely without any doubt , you will have to visit 2 Wire official website and select the Ethernet wire that you have attached to your system , do not forget to select the Windows 32 Bit version and which is operating system . So you can download it and stay connected to the network.

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    Re: Connection failure due to '2wire usb remote ndis ethernet" error

    I can tell a few locations from where you can fetch the required drivers for your network adapters . There are quite a few of them but I would recommend you to their own support system First of all you can look into the 2Wire Support which you can get from a 2Wire Website: there you can look for the link for the network adapters, which will assist you with a HomePortal installation kit.

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    Re: Connection failure due to '2wire usb remote ndis ethernet" error

    Yes apart from the Websites and the support system you can use the compact disc that came along with the network adapter.On that you will find the instructions which will help you in installing the driver and make your internet up and running. Some time you may get the network card may be integrated with the home portal so may may get a different cd for it. you can use the cd and install the drivers for the ethernet then you will be able to plug it in and connect it to the internet, but the only issue is if the cd is to scratchy then you will have to opt some other way.

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    Re: Connection failure due to '2wire usb remote ndis ethernet" error

    If you are fortunate enough you will get your required solution just in the Windows update rather than downloading the enite driver. So can just take a look on the Windows update for that Just open the Start search and type the Device manager in it, then you will have to click on the + next to the other devices after selecting the device manager , it will display all the devices and you will have to select 2Wire USB Remote NDIS Ethernet and click on the update , it will look for the new updates if available then will implement automatically

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