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Thread: How to get WiFi password?

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    How to get WiFi password?

    I have the WiFi router with me and the thing is that it was set by the people from the ISP from whom I took the internet connection. Now the issue here is such that I have formatted my system and I do not know the settings for the Router. I had seen some of things that the person was doing but really could not memorize it. I really want to have access to the internet as I have a lot of work to do on the internet and if you can come up with the suggestions here then I think that it will be great from your side. I have done no great changes in the Router it is what it was with by default. Can you all please tell me what can be done so that I can have the settings on the Router so that I can proceed with my work at the moment? I will be really grateful to you. Will there be going to be major changes as I was using the Windows XP when the Internet was installed here on my system and now I have the Windows 7 as I have got an upgrade here. Please come up with the suggestions here soon. I have seen that at the time of installation there was requirement of the username and the password; can you all here can help me with that stuff too.
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    Re: How to get WiFi password?

    Well it is not like that you cannot have the username and the password. I think that you can have that from the ISP itself and all you have to do is ask for the same by just making a phone call. As you have mentioned in your post that you have not made any trial with the router of yours then I think that I will be able to get you out of the issue to some extent and only if the settings of the router are set to default. Well first of all open up the Internet Explorer or any other browser and in the address bar just type the following URL: well that is usually the default IP for the router until and unless it is changed. After that you will be asked to enter the username and the password here and the default one here is admin for the username and password for the password. First try all that has been stated above and see if you are able to reach this step and if not then I think that it will be a better option to contact the ISP of yours and see what they can instruct you with there. Please let me know bout the same here as well.

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    Re: How to get WiFi password?

    Just follow the instructions below and I think that you will be able to have the thing that you are looking for. You have mentioned that you are using the Windows 7. Well I have something that can all the users that are using Windows XP and Windows 7.
    • Go to the Run Window. If you are using Windows XP then you can have the Window by clicking on the Start and then clicking on the Run and if you are using the Windows 7 or the Widows Vista then you can access that windows by pressing the Windows key plus the R key that is the only difference that you will have to do so that you can go with setting the Router here.
    • After you get the access to the Run Window type the following command: cmd /k ipconfig /all
    • After entering the command hit the enter key.
    • Once that is pen stick your eyes to the Command Prompt and see for the numeric code that will tell you about the Default Gateway.
    • Once you get the Default Gateway address type in the Command Prompt exit so that you can exit from here.
    • Now open the Internet Explorer and then type the Default Gateway address in the address bar here.
    • Hit the Enter key
    • Now you will be required to enter the username and the password. If you would have mentioned the model or the company of the Router then I think that would have been a much much of a great help here.
    • Well you can have a multiple try here for the username and the password. The default one is username=admin and password=password.
    • The scene can repeat with the values in the upper case as well.
    • Try this and let us know if you were able to have that working in your case here.

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    Re: How to get WiFi password?

    I have read this thread and I think that it will be better if you can fetch some of the information from here. Here are the links to some of the threads that hold the similar topics and I think that can really help you here with the situation that you are stuck with at this moment. Please have a look at these threads here: Lost wifi password and How to Set Wifi Password ?. In addition to all this threads I would also like you to see for this topic as well. I think that it will be of some real use here: How to make Wi-Fi secure. See if the links can help you a bit with the situation that I have mentioned here. Please let me know about this soon as well. Hope to see your post with the word success here.

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    Re: How to get WiFi password?

    You are trying to access the WiFi password in your case then here is the way by which you can have this done. I think that the answer in your case is on the Router there. You will be required to see for the Serial Number that is embedded on the Router there. On the Router you will be able to view this: SN and following this will be some of the letters. Beneath this number there you will see a barcode. Under the Barcode you will be able to see another Number and I think that is the password itself. If you have not changed it then it is the Default one. Hope that you will this time have the perfect match here in this case. Please let me know if you were missing on this and my post really helped you out of this….

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    Re: How to get WiFi password?

    I have something that can really help you here. I do not care what is the username or the password there on the Router. If you are sure that you have the DEFAULT USERNAME and the PASSWORD then you can follow the steps I am giving here. There is a BUTTON at the back of the Router that button is the RESET BUTTON. Press that button for 5 to 10 seconds and then you will have the router here set to default settings. You can then try the default username and the default password here. Well above there have been mentioned various combinations for this and if you want you can have one more from my side for this: username: admin and password: admin. Try this and see if that can help a bit in your case.

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