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Thread: "Limited Access" error message while connecting to wireless internet

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    "Limited Access" error message while connecting to wireless internet

    I just bought a new Acer laptop and have Windows 7 pre-installed in it . It was great pleasure spending big time with my new laptop, but all those pleasure worn off when it came up with its first I have got an unlimited plan from Comcast ISP service provider. I am trying to connect it i wireless connection but for some reason I am not able to connect it. When I check the signal strength it shows a healthy signal, but while opening the browser it shows limited or no access. Please let me me know if you have solution for this problem. I forgot to inform you that I can connect it successfully while I use a wired network.I use a DI-524 router .

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    Re: "Limited Access" error message while connecting to wireless internet

    You mean to say that when you connect DI-524 router to your system along with the cabling , the network establishment is done successfully, but cannot connect the internet through the wireless internet, then I think you should work on the wired one, because even if you successfully establish the wireless set up, you will not get that much speed as compared to the Wired network . But still if you insist you can check the drivers and see whether and check for the valid IP address. For checking the Ip address , you will have ping the default gateways and see how much packets are being are being sent and being received , the sent packets must be equal to the received packets.

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    Re: "Limited Access" error message while connecting to wireless internet

    I can tell you why you could not connect with your wireless setup, I think you did not set the encryption settings properly, in order to gain full access over the wireless net you will have to configure the encryption type and its password for authentication on your Dlink router. .After setting the router settings , please then try to connect to the network again and then let me know.

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    Re: "Limited Access" error message while connecting to wireless internet

    You will have to encrypt type and password for the laptop as well, for that go to control panel, there you will find Network and Sharing Center. in Control Panel, and then set your laptop encryption type and password to the same setting as the router.. Once you have done that please check the connectivity again and let me know if get what you desire, if not please post your reports, I will do some more research and reply you the post.

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    Re: "Limited Access" error message while connecting to wireless internet

    My friend I was doing a bit of research on your issue , because I was too curious to know how this issue can be resolved . I too have got Windows 7 64bit operating system and connected through DI-524 Router , my router is connected to my modem trough a cable . I think you should update the firmware , then reset the settings to the factory settings and then re establish the whole network . I think this will surely resolve your issue and you can access the internet on your laptop on a wireless connection as well without any issue, please update the status after troubleshooting.

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