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Thread: Virus issue while surfing

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    Virus issue while surfing

    I have Toshiba laptop. My laptop is having lots of software. Recently I have purchase Reliance USB Modem. I have install there youtube downloader software then my download stuck at 83%. And I tried to restart the downloads but there is same issue. It can be some virus attack. I need help to fix the same.

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    Re: Virus issue while surfing

    When you are use internet you must keep your antivirus live. Always keep it update to date. Antivirus protect the system from threads and viruses, and it will be help to you secure your important data and software. When virus attack the system , system might be work slow, and windows file can be crashes. If you have problem to use internet because of virus then you have to scan your whole computer.

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    Re: Virus issue while surfing

    If internet is slow down its means some virus and it can be of your internet service provider problem. Run anti-virus software and maintain virus definitions present. Make sure your security patches are up-to-date. And if you haven't been administration anti-virus software, start liability so right away to prevent future attacks. Also, if you lost data files in the new attack, make and impose a usual backup agenda. transform all of your passwords, including ISP access passwords, FTP, e-mail and website passwords. Some viruses can capture or crack passwords, most important to future vulnerabilities. By change your passwords, you'll be able to improve your security.

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