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Thread: How to tweak Pldt Mydsl

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    How to tweak Pldt Mydsl

    Here with a typical problem regarding my DSL internet connection, which is having a very slow speed. I am running under the platform of windows vista, along with the Intel core 2 duo processor with 3GB RAM and 256 GB hard disk. Whenever I tried to open any web page it takes so much time. Instead of 1MBPS uploading speed it gives 256KB. Also in the browsing and the downloading speed is also slow. I test my connection with the speed optimizer which is indicate that the speed is very slow. This is very much disappointing me to pay for the high speed and getting very slow response. Is there any one can suggest me how to tweak the DSL connection? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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    Re: How to tweak Pldt Mydsl

    There is good tweaking tool is for the DSL internet connection, known as DrTCP. Download and install in the machine, by making some of the changes in the settings for speed up the DSL connectivity. Install that one with the appropriate onscreen instructions. And I hope it will definitely help you to resolve the connection speed. You need to change some of the setting option in the application window in the first attempt. After installation of the tool open the application window and put the following values into their appropriate places. TCP Receive Window is 2064440, make no in Time Stamping and check on yes in the acknowledgment and Path MTU Discovery. LAN adapter or Adapter Settings is equal to 1500 , after putting click on SAVE or OK. After making the changes reboot the machine and start the internet connectivity.

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    Re: How to tweak Pldt Mydsl

    I recommend you to download TCP optimizer. This is a program which is aid for both the novice and the advanced user to tweak the TCP/IP connection parameters in the windows registry editor, by this it will easy to run the internet connection smoothly. This toll is designed with the advanced algorithms to speed up internet speed. It also good for locate the best TCP for the internet connection that you are using. It is best for tuning in the TCP/IP parameters, as for instance MTU, RWIN and some of the ToS/Diffserv. This tool is compatible with all windows platform. This is mainly targeted for the broadband internet connection. Although this is also applicable with tuning in any internet connection. This is free and easily compatible with any Windows program, it provides an intuitive interface for optimizing and tuning the internet connection. So try with this, it will definite help you to tweaking the internet connection.

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    Re: How to tweak Pldt Mydsl

    In your modem go to access web-control panel, by inserting any IP address. With the default user name and password log in to the web control panel. And then proceed to the WAN settings, there make some of the changes like, make the router mode in BRIDGE, in the Multiplex option insert LLC and in the Encapsulation insert RFC 1483 (these are for the broadband internet connection). Click on save and exit from the window. Disconnect the modem with the machine and connect the WAN or Internet port of your router, recommend you to take all the above mentioned process by manually, also try once to search the internet port by the modem in manual. Access to the web control panel of the router and in PPPoE or PPPoA set the connection protocol, with the DSL account user name and password. Make sure that the IP address of wireless router is changed, as that is not same with the modem. Save the changes, during the operation make sure that the wireless router and the modem are connected in the same network connection. This is the simplest method for tuning internet connection.

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