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Thread: Steps to encrypt Wi-Fi network

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    Steps to encrypt Wi-Fi network

    I am using Wi-Fi network for accessing internet. While using Wi-Fi network there is a possibility that unwanted intruder may damage it by entering into your system if security is not provided. So to avoid damage you need to provide security. I wanted a mechanism that will encrypt my Wi-Fi network. Also suggest me some software that will help me to encrypt my wireless network.

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    Re: Steps to encrypt Wi-Fi network

    Wi-Fi is the short name of "wireless fidelity" and it is used to define certain types of wireless local area network. Today Wi-Fi is used by 700 million people and there are over 750,000 Wi-Fi connectivity. Encrypting your wireless network will provide you safety in two ways. Firstly it will not allow your neighbor from accessing the through the Wi-Fi network and secondly prevents intruders from entering into the system. Most wireless router has encryption turned off by default. So you need to encrypt your wireless network for security.

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    Re: Steps to encrypt Wi-Fi network

    You need to encrypt your wireless network for security. You need to follow the steps given below for encrypting your wifi connection
    1. Open the internet browser from the desktop and enter the router IP address. Most routers have same IP address i.e. When the dialog box appears you need to log into the router. You will see default login information of your router.
    2. Now you need to click on the wireless security tab on the router settings window. Now you will see a window which will allow you to apply encryption for your router.
    3. You can select either WEP or WPA key. Both of these keys provide security modes.
    4. Suppose that you have selected a WEP key then you need to enter a pass which can begin from 8 and end up to 68 characters. Set the router to use the first key. Now hit generate or similar option to generate a series of unique keys.
    5. Suppose that you have selected WPA then pass phrase should be between 8 to 32 characters. Set the amount of time that you want to pass the phrase to stay active. You should set the WPA algorithm to TKIP.
    6. Now give the wireless key to everyone which you want to access the wifi connection. Every time when the user wants to access the wifi connection they need to enter this key.

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    Re: Steps to encrypt Wi-Fi network

    You can use WPA to secure your wireless network and it is more secure than your WEP key. The steps to use WPA for wifi encryption are very easy and also it will provide more security. Open the web browser and enter in the address bar. You will see the default username and password for your router. You can change username and password. Click on the security tab, use WPA and enter passphrase. Click on save setting to save it. Now your wireless connections are encrypted.

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    Re: Steps to encrypt Wi-Fi network

    Below are the steps to use WEP for encrypting wifi network.
    • Select your wireless router and click on the security setting. Now you need to create a WEP key such that you need to provide a username and password that will not allow unauthorized user to enter into the network.
    • You need to choose username and password in such a way that they are a combination of letters, numbers and also some special symbols because these combinations of username and password are not easy to break.
    • Click on the wireless connection on the wireless router software. Select your router from the list of server and choose security settings.
    • Add the username and password that you used in the main router settings. A lock type of icon will appear next to the name of the router from the list of available server.
    • Now you can access the internet only through that devices in which WEP are installed. The WEP key must be added to all the devices that you plan to access in the network.

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